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The Handy Brain Model
The Handy Brain Model

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The HANDY BRAIN MODEL is an amazing visual tool for coaches, therapists and teachers who are bringing neuroscience into their work with clients and students. Slip your hand into the mitt and make a fist - voila, the 2-dimensional drawing is now a 3-dimensional brain hemisphere. This makes it a warm, accessible and fun way to introduce the functions of the brain.

The Handy Brain Model builds on Dr. Daniel Siegel's suggestion of making a fist to show how the brain cortex wraps around the limbic system. The brain cortex shows up on the back of the mitt, the limbic system on the thumb, and the sub cortex on the palm.

Available in three sizes:

Small is 3.75 inches x 7 inches. Fits petite women
Medium is 4.25 inches x 8.5 inches. Fits women and men

If a size is a little large put a cotton ball in the thumb. Cutting the cardboard into a crescent will keep the shape of the frontal lobe.)

The Instructional Booklet Includes:
  • Steps to reduce stress, treat common disorders, and improve relationships. (this part will be most useful for coaches)
  • Education about which brain areas drive depression, ADHD, and schizophrenia plus treatment options.
  • How the effects of prescribed medication differs from street drugs.
No storage required. The Handy Brain Model can be easily transported in your pocket.


"I love it. It helps me not only explain the brain to others, but also to help me remember the different names and functions of the different brain areas. The insert is also a jewel of information." Rosario Ortigao, MS LMHC

"I use this simple model to teach about the brain in my practice. It is fun to put on and tell the story of the brain. It helps seem to make a complex subject easier to approach for my clients." Regina D Morrow, MS LMHC LMFT

"Clients usually resist learning about the brain because it is complex, and there are so many big words and technical terms. The HBM makes the brain more accessible. And, it helps me as a clinician keep track of what I need to cover because it is right on my hand. For example, I now teach clients about their panic attacks by showing them the amygdala, the anger and fear center of the brain. I then explain that the amygdala starts a chain reaction ending in the adrenals that spurts out ADRENALINE. We all know that adrenaline’s job is to make the heart pound and the muscles tense. When there is no action to be taken, body muscles release tension by shaking. Seeing the brain areas involved as I explain the panic attack process helps clients truly understand their body’s reactions. The instructions that come with the HBM are so helpful, explaining how to use other brain areas to return to a sense of calm. I think seeing and hearing at the same time reinforce client’s understanding so they feel empowered. THIS IS A GREAT TOOL! " Jen Staat, Ph.D.

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