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Coaching Toys Inc grew out of a love of creative tools and processes that help people grow. We believe in the power of creativity, expressive arts, play, humor, intuition and spirituality to enhance personal growth work. These approaches expand the range of the practitioner, enliven the work, provide new avenues for awareness in clients, create space for deep learning to take place, allow for authentic self-expression and make work for both practitioner and client more fun and rewarding.

Coaching Toys enthusiastically serves professionals in the personal growth industry specifically; coaches, counselors, facilitators and trainers who focus on personal and professional development. We found that wonderfully creative tools were being created as part of their work with clients but you had to find them one web site at a time. We made a commitment to gather all these great products and put them under one roof. That "roof" became the Coaching Toys Store.

Most of our product listings are created by individual coaches, counselors, trainers and healers. We try to keep our margins low to support their success. For that reason you won't often find big giant sales or discounts - what you will find are products you won't find anywhere else.

We are committed to creating more healing, dreaming, creating and possibility in the world. Whether products delight, generate creative thinking, inspiration or deep reflection you will find something that you can use for yourself, in your practice, for your own professional development or to give as gifts.

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About the founder

Coaching Toys Inc was the brainchild of Marcy Nelson-Garrison MA CPCC. Marcy is a true renaissance soul. She is a product mentor, certified professional co-active coach, masters level licensed psychologist emeritus, product review columnist for choice the magazine of professional coaching and a visual artist. Always a strong advocate for creative and innovative processes, Marcy believes that creating a product that reflects your gifts and wisdom is an act of leadership and an excellent way to facilitate transformation and reach more people.
As a coach, Marcy helps heart-centered professionals honor their innate wisdom and create products and programs

Marcy is the creator of Q? Basics, Open-Ended Questions for Coaching Mastery, Image Prompts - and online tool for transformation and The Card Deck Master Class. You can learn more about Marcy's coaching services by visiting