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Sending a gift can make someone's day and leave a lasting impression! It's a great way to celebrate a milestone, complete with a client, thank a referral partner or honor a special relationship. Here are some of our favorites!
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I Am Affirmation Cards
I Am Affirmation Cards
Price: $11.95

"I am... Affirmation Cards": A 150 card deck filled with positive affirmations carefully and specially chosen to enhance and empower your life experience.
Spirit Cards
Price: $15.00

I AM or I WILL Spirit Cards are delicate reminders of the powerful message of self-remembrance. Release old patterns of thinking, remember our true Spirit nature and the sacred in every day.
Clear, Calm and Bright CD
Clear, Calm and Bright CD
Price: $15.95

Nurture your body, mind & soul. These richly layered guided meditations for morning noon and night combine Breathing, Coaching, Meditation and Yoga so you can be Clear, Calm & Bright all day long.
Right Brain Business Plan
The Right Brain Business Plan Book
Price: $19.95

Turn passionate ideas into profitable enterprises with the fun and accessible approach outlined in The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success by Jennifer Lee. This is not business as usual!
The Relaxation Experience
The Relaxation Experience - Mediations for Optimal Wellness
Price: $20.00

For Health Wellness Consultants have recorded the ultimate relaxation experience. Enhance your mood, productivity and well being as you learn meditation skills with our CD. This CD has helped thousands of people and is used in many workplaces and hospital clinics.
Your Dream
Your Dream, Go For It
Price: $20.00

This is a great book for your clients to process the stages and challenges of going after a dream.Each page has an encouraging message while the opposite page has a question relating to that message. It provides dialogue for the things that may be standing in the way:  doubt, disappointments, other’s disapproval, excuses, or fear.  It moves them from thinking about a dream, goal or new challenge to helping them create an action plan.
Thank You Notes Affirmation Card Deck
Thank You Notes Affirmation Card Deck
Price: $20.95

A Beautifully illustrated card deck containing 60 notes of heartfelt appreciation and thanks. Each Thank You Note will allow you to express heartfelt appreciation, to yourself and to others. Appreciation lifts us up and is energizing.
Mini Retreat Solution
The Mini Retreat Solution
Price: $21.95

Improve your health & performance in minutes a day! With over 80 different ways to relax & refresh, The Mini-Retreat Solution will show you how to weave moments of deep relaxation into your day - no matter how busy you are.
Q Basics
Q Basics Open-Ended Questions For Coaching Mastery
Price: $21.95

A deck of 54 open-ended coaching questions designed as
training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in this fundamental coaching skill. The deck also works great for self-coaching! Sit down with your journal and draw questions from each suit.
Dream Card Game
Dream Card Game
Price: $24.95

Dreams Do Come True. Discover the magic of playing with this versatile & powerful deck.  Using this set of 56 cards, the player self selects areas/topics that reveal their passions, interests and calling. What a fun and unique way to uncover your secret inner desires.