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Climer Cards Values Deck
Climer Cards
Price: $24.95
Values Deck
Price: $24.95
Climer Cards offer a fun way to engage with groups, students and clients. The hand drawn art images evoke reflection, insight and lively discussion. Perfect for coaches, therapists, educators and facilitators.
The Road to Resilience™ VALUES DECK offers you and your team creative ways to engage in conversations about values. The Two-Decks-in-One feature packs multiple usage possibilities into one set of cards.
At my best ® Strengths Cards Q Basics
At my best ® Strengths Cards
ON SALE: $32.00
Savings: $7.00

The At my best® strengths cards are an inspiring set of images and words that help your clients focus on what they (and others) do best. A flexible and highly engaging way to open up discussion or use as a card sort process.

A training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in the fundamental coaching skill of asking powerful open-ended questions.
Conversation Sparker Cards Good Question Cards
Good Question Cards
Price: $25.00

Looking to spark some conversation in your next team meeting, coaching session or retreat? This 70 card deck contains images and questions for team leaders, facilitators and coaches to create memorable and engaging experiences.

48 great open-ended coaching questions to help you appreciate and build on
what’s good. Great for coaches, facilitators and discussion leaders.
The Blog Post Inspiration Deck Inspiration Cards
Inspiration Cards
Price: $19.95
A fun, creative way to answer the question, “What
should I write about today?”Use the cards whenever you need inspiration for your blog, email newsletter, guest posts, vlog, and social media channels. 60 cards plus Guidebook
Inspiration Cards: Each card is a colorful, one-of-a-kind collage backed with powerful questions guaranteed to motivate those you work with into out-of-the-box thinking.
40 Ways to Work with Visual Cards E-Manual Miniature Metaphors
40 Ways to Work with Visual Cards E-Manual
ON SALE: $28.00
Savings: $12.00
Miniature Metaphors
ON SALE: $32.00
Savings: $7.95
Learn 40 different ways to use your imagery based card decks in workshops, retreats and individual, group or team coaching. Whether you are focusing on visioning, strengths, innovation or team development you will love the activities in this e-manual.
Participants will be  drawn in by the miniature figures, objects, symbols, and animals of this unique assortment of 30 miniature charms. The use of objects as metaphor can enhance reflection and dialogue. Participants  can attach their thoughts to a tangible object that
can be touched and shown to  a group.

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JICT Images Kit

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Price: $89.00
ON SALE: $69.00
Savings: $20.00
JICT Images Kit
Journey with Intuition and Creativity to Transformation. This set of 72 evocative images with open-ended questions will inspire your clients to connect to their learning and their work at a deeper level.

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Daily Meditations for Healing & Happiness
Price: $16.99
RETHiNK Card Deck
Price: $16.99
Chiji Processing Cards
Price: $15.95
The Handy Brain Model
Price: $24.95

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Letting Go of Anger Card Deck
Price: $16.99
Self-Compassion for Teens
Price: $29.99
The Really Competent Coach
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Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook
Price: $24.99
Word Horse Poster
Price: $9.95