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The Blog Post Inspiration Deck The ACT Card Deck
The ACT Card Deck
Price: $16.99
Fun, creative way to answer the question, “What
should I write about today?”Use the cards whenever you need inspiration for your blog, email newsletter, guest posts, vlog, and social media channels. 60 cards plus Guidebook

55 practices based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness encourage you to develop a new and compassionate relationship with difficult or painful experiences and feelings.

I Am Affirmation Cards Positive Emotions Cards
"I am... Affirmation Cards": A 150 card deck filled with positive affirmations carefully and specially chosen to enhance and empower your life experience. These cards combine coaching questions and images to expand well being awareness, explain why positive emotions are good for us and provide ideas for how to experience a greater range of positive feelings.
Project Discover Me Parenting - The Hero’s Adventure
Project Discover Me
Price: $39.95
PROJECT DISCOVER ME is a self-love game for girls ages 13+. As an empowerment it inspires self-worth with powerful questions and conversations. Discovery is based on 4 core values: Love Me * Trust Me * Be Me * Celebrate Me. Great tool & resource for teachers & coaches who work with teens.
A beautiful 48 card deck to explore the ever-evolving role of parent. Perfect for relationship and parenting coaches. The archetypes and questions will inspire curiosity, envisioning, imagining, patience, and self-awareness about what’s possible in the parenting role.

Q Basics for Coaching Mastery Transitions Journey Deck
A training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in the fundamental coaching skill of asking powerful open-ended questions.
Transitions happen all the time.The Transitions Journey deck offers a creative process that allows you to experience transition periods in a new way – as rich growth opportunities rather than setbacks.
Mindful Reminders Card Deck Soul Notes Affirmation Card Deck
50 simple, yet powerful practices that will help you build skills of awareness, compassion, and presence for what matters in your daily life.

Beautifully illustrated card deck containing 60 notes of encouragement and inspiration. Each soul note will convey a depth and a truth straight to your soul. Pick one each day as a part of a daily ritual to inspire and uplift your thoughts.

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Image Prompts - General Collection

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Price: $47.00
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Image Prompts - General Collection

SUPER DEAL! Visual Image Prompts give you a fast-track to new awareness, powerful engagement and breakthrough results. They make it easy for you to spice up your online group programs, meetings and private sessions…you never know what they will elicit…expect surprises, connection, depth and transformation!

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Image Prompts - JICT
Price: $57.00
Creative Processing Bundle
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Powerful Choices, Powerful Life
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The Magic of Affirmation Power
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