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Positive Organizational Development Cards Appreciative Inquiry Cards
Appreciative Inquiry Cards
ON SALE: $24.00
Savings: $8.00
The twenty action cards in this pack will help leaders and managers understand and implement the key exciting new ideas coming through from the field of positive psychology. It covers core topics as well as lesser know but equally powerful ideas. The perfect tool for management and leadership development, strategy development, executive coaching, performance or quality reviews and team development.
The Appreciative Inquiry Cards are a fantastic tool for introducing the powerful AI process to individuals, teams and organizations in the best way possible - by doing one! It includes explanations of the 5D’s, the 5 key principles of AI and 28 quote and image cards for use in the dream phase of an Appreciative Inquiry. It’s everything you will need.
The Handy Brain Model Coaching Cubes
Coaching Cubes
Price: $38.50
The HANDY BRAIN MODEL is an amazing visual tool for coaches, therapists and teachers working in the arena of neuroscience. It offers a 3 dimensional, fun and easy way to explain how the brain functions. Instructions and information included.

The Coaching Cubes are designed to be used and rolled as dice. It’s a fun and empowering way to introduce open-ended questions to a group. The 36 carefully worded and targeted questions are suitable for use in any coaching situation.
Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit The Blog Post Inspiration Deck
Craft a new course for your life! Make a pocket-sized vision board with the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit. Your collage book will be a visual affirmation of your values, goals and dreams. A fun, creative way to answer the question, “What
should I write about today?”Use the cards whenever you need inspiration for your blog, email newsletter, guest posts, vlog, and social media channels. 60 cards plus Guidebook
Feet First Card Deck We! Connect Cards & Pocket Guide Combo
Feet First Card Deck
ON SALE: $32.00
Savings: $7.00
Engagement is the secret sauce for involved teams and learning that sticks. Foot metaphors rock! What a great way to give participants a fun, creative and reliable way to shift perspective, get inspired and take decisive action.
The perfect combo for trainers and group facilitators. The We!Connect Cards include 60 questions, 10 actions, and 10+ activities designed to connect and engage your group. The 140-page, pocket-sized guide offers instruction and powerful activities to create more connected and more engaged teams.
Transitions Journey Deck Chiji Pocket Processor
Transitions happen all the time.The Transitions Journey deck offers a creative process that allows you to experience transition periods in a new way – as rich growth opportunities rather than setbacks.
Based on the Chinese concept of the yin and the yang, each card reflects the continuum between polar opposites. A Powerful teaching tool that challenges either/or solutions.

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Money Habitudes Bundle

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Price: $49.95
ON SALE: $35.95
Savings: $14.00
Money Habitudes Bundle
This 3 bundle package: Money Habitudes Card Deck for adults, a second deck for teens plus the book, Bringing Money Into The Conversation will give you the guidance and hands on tools you need to make it easy for your clients to talk about money.

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