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Coaching Cubes
Coaching Cubes

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How Coaching Cubes support the coaching process

One of the most effective techniques to help someone develop their own thinking is to ask them questions. Good questions prompt new thoughts, bring previous experiences to bear on present dilemmas, shed new light on the issue, and prompt plans for action. This Coaching Cube set introduces 36 carefully worded and targeted questions suitable for use in any coaching situation.

Introduction to the coaching Cubes

The Coaching Cubes are designed to be used and rolled as dice. They are squidgy, robust, and bright, bringing a fun, tactile, and colorful edge to the coaching process. Each colored cube is themed:

The Green cube explores the positive aspects of someone’s work and life, positively affecting perspective and mood.

The Blue cube identifies people important to the situation, stimulating context-aware thinking.

The Orange cube creates shifts in perspective to throw new light on the topic, revealing new insights and possibilities for action.

The Pink cube illuminates ideas, values and energy, the powerhouse for energized possibilities.

The Purple cube creates movement, facilitating energized action.

The Red cube clarifies first steps, the beginning of feasible, effective, motivated and energized change.

Using your Coaching Cubes > VIDEO DEMO

The cubes are designed to be versatile. Here are seven suggestions for how and when you can use the Coaching Cubes to add value to the coaching process.

1) To support the coaching process from beginning to end

The cubes can be used to shape a whole coaching session from ‘exploring the positives’ with the Green cube right through to ‘deciding on actions’ with the Red cube. Alternatively, at any point in the conversation they can be used separately or all together, revealing a choice of 1-6 questions at each throw.

2) To facilitate self-coaching and engaging

Want to work on an issue of your own? Roll a cube and answer the question, roll another. Make notes on the thinking and ideas generated as you go. You will soon experience a shift in your thinking and new ways forward will begin to appear.

3) To help someone relax into the process

Perhaps you are working with someone who finds the intensity of one-to-one coaching uncomfortable. Using the cubes as dice gives them something to handle and focus on while lessening the requirement for eye contact.

4) To promote ownership of the process

Actively involve the person you are working with. Let them select which dice to roll or question to answer to encourage active participation and engagement.

5) To support peer coaching or coaching skills training

The coaching cubes offer an instant resource to inexperienced or trainee coaches. One of the hardest coaching skills to learn is that of developing generative questions. By using the cubes the participants can access thirty-six useful questions.

6) To get a session moving again

If the conversation runs into a dead-end, roll all the dice, look at the six questions together and ask your client ‘which of these are you most drawn to engage with right now?’ and pretty soon you will find yourself back in a productive place.

7) To move on from ‘why don’t you’, ‘yes but’ conversations

Even the most experienced coaches occasionally find themselves being drawn into this unfruitful exchange. Break the cycle by rolling the dice and asking questions that doesn’t contain any advice!


Since making the wise decision :) to include Appreciating Change’s Coaching Cubes in one of my corporate coaching sessions in early December, I have become a genuine believer in “Cube Power”.

What a superbly “simple” way to power-charge coaching sessions and motivate clients.

Have participants roll their individual Coaching Cubes and watch the magic happen as thought-provoking questions move your people to share insights on irksome topics. Enthusiasm for the Coaching Cubes increases exponentially as inhibitions lessen. Valuable discussions invariably pull loose “what if” threads together, thus promoting clear, precise, long-lasting “client authored” results.

WOW. Thank you, Sarah! -
Christine Demmy-Moldenhauer

I'm really looking forward to using these with my next coaching client. A playful approach with a serious purpose, to elicit good self conversation and insight. - Deborah Barleggs

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