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Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife™ Create Your Vision and Action Plan CD PDF Workbook
Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife CD

Price: $49.95

Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife™ Create Your Vision and Action Plan CD PDF Workbook

This program is a complete life planning process...Whole-life planning:

" Get to what's truly important for this next phase of your life
" Find your vision for the future
" Understand your choices
" Take conscious action to bring your vision into reality
" Plan specific and attainable goals for a successful life transition
" Enter this next phase of your midlife or retirement with a clear action plan

Many adults are yearning to find more meaning in their lives and want experienced support to guide them

Make the life changes you really want using this complete program created by two professional coaches, speakers and authors: Mary Radu, MS, MSW, CPCC - Certified Professional Coach and Cheryl Mann, MBA, CPCC, ACC. Over the past four years Mary and Cheryl have used the Roadmap with individuals, couples and in group workshops, helping participants find their visions, understanding their choices and taking conscious action to bring their visions into reality. They're proud to introduce the Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife™: Create Your Vision & Action Plan audio/workbook CD Set, based on their joint research and whole-life planning experience.

The Roadmap helps individuals approaching (or in) midlife through a complete introspection and planning process. What makes the Roadmap different from other self-help programs? The Roadmap program guides you through a step-by-step process that starts where you are today and supports you to create a future that fits with the unique desires and realities of your life. The flexible, modular format lets you set the pace that fits your schedule and time frame for making life changes.

Your 2 CD package includes a 67 minute Audio Program to play on your computer, stereo, car or download to your MP3 player PLUS a 46 page step-by-step Workbook in Adobe PDF, printable format. Listen to this 12-Track Audio Program and follow along in the Workbook to develop your personalized Action Plan.

*For Individuals or Couples Ready to Plan Your Future

The Roadmap program can help you consciously build a future that's most meaningful to you. Follow the Roadmap's step-by-step program and redirect your focus, replacing confusion with resolve and clear action. You'll clarify your vision, values and purpose-and use it as a tool for moving in a new and exciting direction. Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife™ offers a structured process that you can customize to meet your needs. You'll be setting your own pace, moving forward, making progress, one track at a time! The program is adaptable and can be used by individuals as well as couples.

* For Coaches Looking for a Flexible, Proven Program to Offer your Clients

Creating your own effective set of coaching tools takes time. Wouldn't you rather spend your valuable time developing your practice and helping your clients? The Roadmap program offers you, the coaching professional, a flexible life planning tool that has been developed and tested by experienced coaches, to create successful life changes with individual clients and couples. You will find the Roadmap an effective tool beginning with your first Design/Intake session. Assign the audio and workbook steps as homework and have your clients use the workbook to record their progress. Guide them through the entire Roadmap process …. Or assign the initial chapters to develop a strong foundation for your coaching relationship and then use the following chapters as your client is ready for specific action planning and follow through steps. You leave the tool development to us and you focus on what you as Coach do best…guide your clients' learnings, deepen and expand their exploration and support them in facing the obstacles and fears that come up in their unique process of transition and change.

The Roadmap is a copyrighted program and it is recommended that you keep a copy of the Roadmap for your reference use and for understanding the Roadmap program and either provide or encourage each of your clients/couples to have their own personal copy of the Roadmap. This is a great way to add value to your coaching program without having to create the materials yourself. Offer this proven tool as a part of your Design/Intake package to enhance your client's coaching experience.

Quotes From Roadmap Users

"The audio and workbook is a fresh tool to guide me through the process of re-framing my life and goals to help develop an action plan with concrete next steps in my life journey. It served as a logical, straight forward way to ask and answer good questions to really help me define my vision of an abundant and passion-filled midlife." --Julia R. Halsne, MS, MBA

"I found that I'd never given this much thought to what I wanted in my life. You have fantastic and fun processes! I've been able to speak the truth and got your permission to be honest and not judge myself, making my process less emotional, more fun and creative. I'm keeping my focus and implementing my plan." -- Diane Marie Hammond

"The two of us are moving down this road to planning our retirement together. We started with no structure and not sure how to get there from here. Now we're coming up with a plan and doing things that are slotted right into where we want to be. We're enjoying the process rather than focus on the outcome only. This has been absolutely wonderful! And now a year later..... "During the past year, Michael and I also pulled out our chart periodically. The great part of the process was looking at where we were at that moment. The chart stated our vision, goals, actions and accountability...all in one place. Reviewing it, we could see what we had accomplished, where we were off track. We also could discuss any changes we wanted to make. It was a very clear way to see where we had been, where we are and where we want to be." -- Kathy and Michael Gerdts

Sample the Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife™

You can listen to some samples tracks from the program below:

Track 1 Introduction

Track 2 Establish

Track 3 Assess

Track4 Create

To download a chapter sample:

Click the link below to begin your download. This will open up the pdf file of the program guide on your screen using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you like you can print it out. You may also download it to your own computer. If you are using Windows, you may do this by right-clicking on the link above and choosing Save Target/Link As.

Workbook sample

You will require acrobat reader to view this eBook.
You can download it free at

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