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Coaching Tools Bundle
Coaching Tools Bundle

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Coaching Tools Bundle
On Being Coached, At My Best Strengths Cards & Q? Basics Open-Ended Questions will set you on the path to powerful coaching. Strengths create ease and power when striving for goals. Open-ended questions expand possibility, choices, and awareness. On Being Coached, guides you through the nuances and power of coaching teams. Together they will rock your client's world and your coaching business.

The Strengths Deck can be used as a card sort process and as prompts when coaching. And the questions in Q? Basics Open-ended Questions For Coaching Mastery are designed to elicit values, vision, passion, action, resourcefulness, choices and perceived obstacles. On Being Coached takes you inside the heads and hearts of leaders as they are being coached, and peer coaching one another. Definitely a powerhouse!

At My Best Strengths Cards
Strengths help your clients focus on what they (and others) do best. A flexible and highly engaging way to open up discussion.

This set of 48 beautifully designed strengths cards offer a simple, attractive and flexible tool. Each card features a single word to stimulate awareness of strengths as well as a high quality photograph on the other side. Using either the words, pictures or a combination of both, the range of ways you can use these strengths cards will only be limited by your imagination. What a great way to open up conversation around what people do best. A great resource whether you're working with individuals or with groups.

Q? Basics Open-Ended Questions For Coaching Mastery
Powerful open-ended questions are the hallmark of professional coaching. The Q?Basics deck offers 54 basic open-ended questions to help coaches and managers master this fundamental skill. Although designed as a training tool it's also great for self-coaching! The questions are divided into three “suits” or categories with 18 questions in each category.
  • Simple & Curious
  • Expanding Awareness
  • Taking Action

12-page User Guide 
The User Guide addresses the art of open-ended questions, describes the kinds of questions in the deck and offers practical suggestions for using the cards to build mastery. 

The Q? Basics questions are designed to elicit values, vision, passion, action, resourcefulness, choices and perceived obstacles. The deck allows managers and leaders to have effective coaching conversations immediately. 

What others are saying about Q? Basics
"I found using the Q?Basics powerful and effective in teaching coaching skills to seasoned leaders in my Leadership Enhancement Retreats. The participants stated that they found Q?Basics added great value and expedited their learning of coaching skills. They wanted Q?Basics sets for themselves." - Diana Gabriel, PCC, Professional Certified Coach

"Marcy, I love your open-ended question cards. Your three main categories (color-coded for ease of recognition) of Simple and Curious; Expanding Awareness, and Taking Action relate very closely to the coaching model I teach. I’ll be recommending this attractive and useful deck of coaching question cards to coaches, as well as anyone who wants to refine their communication skills." - Barbra Sundquist,

Being Coached: Group and Team Coaching from the Inside

Why don’t more coaches work with teams and groups?

Many shy away because they don’t have a feel for how to coach with more than one client at the same time. Others aren’t sure how powerful it would be. It’s a shame because group and team coaching can create a wonderful fabric of support and challenge that gives every participant a chance to learn through others’ experiences and feedback as well as their own.

This experiential book takes you inside the heads and hearts of leaders as they are being coached, and peer coaching one another. The impact on what coaches and leaders see as possible in their coaching is profound.

“… group coaching is a wonderful, less expensive developmental tool that pays off for the sponsoring organization by building commitment, community, and cross-organizational bonds…. a thought-provoking introduction to the art of going beyond individual coaching.” BC

“…resource-rich with leadership development examples that will resonate and be eye opening to both clients and coaches. My guess is that most readers will find themselves in at least one of the stories.” KM

“I’ve read it three times, and I get something new from it each time.” PC

“This was an amazing book and should be on every coach's shelf. Totally opened my eyes to the power of group and peer coaching, which I have since integrated into my own coaching practice.” JM

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