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Coach in person or over the phone using the KnowBrainer tool to help your client think better and faster using hundreds of proven questions, words, quotes, and images as inspiration. If you seek more innovation and creativity, or need faster results – this award-winning tool is the solution.

Coaches and clients use the KnowBrainer to plan and organize ideas with the integrated 4-step Accelerated Innovation Process. The KnowBrainer tool helps you use your whole brain to generate up to 530% more ideas than traditional brainstorming. The 5 ounce, compact and portable tool is just 2 x 4.5 inches in size and has 180 color-coded cards that use a proven innovation language.

Who should use a KnowBrainer tool?

Anyone who would like to be more creative or innovative!

The KnowBrainer is designed based on how most human brains think and therefore can be used in a variety of job functions, professions and age groups. Coaches are using the tool to facilitate coaching sessions with clients and coach by phone. The uses are endless. Thousands of people from around the world have used the KnowBrainer to:

› Invent products & services

Cultivate leadership

› Sell ideas

Facilitate teams

› Improve quality & performance

Teach problem solving

› Plan meetings and events

Coach people

› Manage projects

Write business plans

› Create marketing & advertising concepts

Author manuscripts

› Exercise brains

Develop technology

Who developed the Knowbrainer tool?

Gerald “SolutionmanHaman is the award-winning inventor of the KnowBrainer tool.

He is founder and president of SolutionPeople and works out of the Thinkubator in Chicago. Haman facilitated the world’s largest Thinkathon – 8,000 people brainstormed a world-record setting 454,000 ideas in just one hour. Formerly with Procter & Gamble and Arthur Andersen, he teaches innovation at Northwestern University.

What is the history of the tool?

In 1987 Gerald Haman began researching thinking tools while a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. In 1989, he released one of the world’s first tools specifically designed to foster innovation. That tool, called the Pocket Innovator, gained acclaim and was recommended by FORTUNE magazine. The latest KnowBrainer version 3.0 is a culmination of Haman’s 16 years of experience creating innovation tools that have been used around the globe. The KnowBrainer is an evolution of tools which include the Pocket Innovator, Pocket Persuader, Pocket Problem Solver and customized tools such as Kraft’s Diamond Miner tool.

How much do KnowBrainer tools cost?

Your investment is $99 US per tool and SolutionPeople is confident you will generate ideas worth much more. You may wonder, is the KnowBrainer really worth $99? A survey of 1,000 individual users indicated that 90% of them generated ideas valued at over $1,000 during their first use of the KnowBrainer. Some teams of KnowBrainer users get a significant ROI. For example, one team of 25 people at Capital One used the tool in an innovation session that yielded solutions valued at over $273 million dollars.

How do people feel about the KnowBrainer tool?

5-Star Rating: “If you are looking for a creativity tool that is powerful, portable, and low tech, then you ought to check out the KnowBrainer… This tool does an excellent job of leveraging the mind’s capabilities of association to a major advantage. It may look like a simple tool, but don’t let the KnowBrainer’s low-tech “interface” fool you. This is one powerful and easy to use idea generation tool.”Chuck

“The KnowBrainer is my favorite power tool. It's a compact-sized collection of hundreds of people's perspectives that I can tap into anywhere and anytime I need to drill down on a problem. Engineers like structure, efficiency and results but still need the ability to be creative. SolutionPeople’s methods and tools are perfect fit -- providing the structure of an efficient process with the flexibility of brain-stimulating creative exercises geared to results.”Corinne Miller, Director, Engineering Learning & Development, Motorola

“The KnowBrainer Tool is something I use to help me coach, provide performance consulting, manage projects, design and deliver training, as well as develop and shape business goals and strategies." – Emily Cowling, Senior Training Manager, Capital One

“The KnowBrainer tool has made it easy for our internal and international trainers to foster more creativity and innovation in our company throughout the world.” – Andy Hines, Ideation Manager, Dow Chemical

“The KnowBrainer is a Napsterized version of Haman’s knowledge. Using it day to day, doesn’t require a $150 per hour consultant… In addition, the KnowBrainer works well as a sales tool for landing future customers.”– Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba, authors, Creating Customer Evangelists

"The tool that has been indispensable has been the KnowBrainer from SolutionPeople of Chicago. They call it an 'accelerated innovation tool' but I call it my project meeting lifeline. I never leave for a meeting without it. I take most of my probing questions from it, and I evaluate most of my solutions against it. In short, it's become and essential tool in my process improvement teams. The tool costs $100, but it's worth every penny, and SolutionPeople will refund your money if you don't get the ROI back from it. When you think about it, people spend money on expensive software, useless books, and other non-portable tools that never really help you get the job done. Seriously, the KnowBrainer is a lifesaver. I literally have used it nearly every workday since I bought it in the first quarter of this year. I loaned it to one of my employees, but only for 5 minutes, because I needed it for yet another project that I was brainstorming about." - Dana VanDenHeuvel’s Blog, Marketing & Sales Technology from the Trenches

I have always been a “RightBrainer”; wild with ideas, I wanted quick action but I ended up reworking them most of the time! After using the “KnowBrainer” tool, I became a “WholeBrainer”; I investigate needs better, get a wider variety of ideas, and evaluate risk-taking and follow-through better! I now run a successful business thanks to the KnowBrainer tool. The KnowBrainer gave me that winning edge.” – Michael Butterworth, Out of the Box, Singapore

“The KnowBrainer Tool is something I use to help me coach, provide performance consulting, manage projects, design and deliver training, as well as develop and shape business goals and strategies." – Emily Cowling, Senior Training Manager, Capital One

"Gerald Haman's techniques, KnowBrainer tool, his SolutionPeople staff and the Thinkubator, make thinking and problem solving fun and charming again, as it was in our youth... It’s addictive!" – Jerry Meyerhoff, Engineer & Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Motorola

“We arrived at solutions for varied and myriad issues using the KnowBrainer tool. We found the methodology both fascinating and practical in its application.” – Janet Cesario, Marketing Director – Taubman Companies

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