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Clear, Calm and Bright CD
Clear, Calm and Bright CD
Price: $15.95

Nurture your body, mind & soul. These richly layered guided meditations for morning noon and night combine Breathing, Coaching, Meditation and Yoga so you can be Clear, Calm & Bright all day long.
Right Brain Business Plan
The Right Brain Business Plan Book
Price: $19.95

Turn passionate ideas into profitable enterprises with the fun and accessible approach outlined in The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success by Jennifer Lee. This is not business as usual!
Chakra Affirmation Healing Cards
Chakra Affirmation Healing Cards
Price: $20.95

The Chakra Affirmation Healing Cards have been designed to help you clear, balance and restore your energy field. The cards provide you with a basic understanding of the charkas to awaken your body’s energy system and guide it back to its natural state.

Q Basics
Q Basics Open-Ended Questions For Coaching Mastery
Price: $21.95

A deck of 54 open-ended coaching questions designed as
training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in this fundamental coaching skill. The deck also works great for self-coaching! Sit down with your journal and draw questions from each suit.
Dream Card Game
Dream Card Game
Price: $24.95

Dreams Do Come True. Discover the magic of playing with this versatile & powerful deck.  Using this set of 56 cards, the player self selects areas/topics that reveal their passions, interests and calling. What a fun and unique way to uncover your secret inner desires.
iZoar Everyday Courage Deck
Uplifting Messages for Everyday Courage
Price: $30.00

This deck of 50 whimsical characters will connect you to your heart, open a door to self discovery and help you reflect on your journey.