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The RiskADay Journal
The RiskADay Journal

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The RiskADay Journal: 28 Days to Being You Out Loud with Courage, Creativity and Confidence

Want to take charge of your own life? Want to feel as though you’re truly courageous, and be right? Want to confidently claim your unique space in the
world, making the difference that only you can make? Want no more!

Laura Overstreet Biering’s The RiskADay Journal: 28 Days to Being You Out Loud with Courage, Creativity and Confidence will give your dreams wings!

Chock full of inspiration, education and empowerment, this little book will revolutionize your life, if you let it. With encouraging anecdotes, motivating
quotes and thorough explanations, Laura makes an enthusiastic and convincing case for taking at least one intentional risk per day, then reaping the rewards.
Give yourself the gift of joining this transformational journey of Learning, Loving, Living and Leading, and do it with the wisdom, grace and thrill that can only come from Being You Out Loud™!

Praise for The RiskADay Journal:

“The RiskADay Journal will change lives.” ~~Susan Wooldridge, Author of “poemcrazy: freeing your life with words”

“Laura Biering’s sensitivity to the human need for a deep respect and belief in oneself and her light-hearted wisdom in encouraging the brave acceptance of each challenge with hope and confidence are uplifting and contagious. This journal of her exploration into the path toward becoming an authentic self is pure gift. She offers a way to engage answers to Mary Oliver’s beautiful question, ‘What do you plan to do with your one, wild and precious life?’” ~~Janie Cook, Retired Teacher

“Thinking about and taking a risk a day helps remove the fear of taking risks and helps me to overcome challenges.” ~~Lori Buff, Studio Potter

“The RiskADay Journal provides practical suggestions about how to integrate self-concept, creativity, and risk-taking. The book is all about taking charge of your life and setting goals that lead to self-actualization.” ~~Dr. James S. Taylor, Management Consultant and Distinguished Professor of Communication, Retired

“This RiskADay concept is brilliant! Especially the notion that even a small intentional risk can have big impact. I like flexing my “risk muscle” daily, which builds up my strength and confidence so that the big scary risks aren’t quite so daunting. I highly recommend it!”~~Martha Carnahan, Professional Certified Coach

“I’ve always been a believer in writing down goals. Whether you put ink to paper or pixel to plasma screen, acknowledging your dreams is the first step in making them happen. But taking a risk a day isn’t just a wish list for your future life. It's a transformative way of living intentionally and authentically. I won’t lie to you – it takes courage. But the good news is that you can step forward boldly, or in fear and trembling. You can take tiny steps or huge strides. The important thing is that you will be moving forward, toward a better understanding and realization of your true, fulfilled self.” ~~Kory Wells, Software Developer Turned Creative Writer and Performance Poet

“I find the idea of taking an intentional risk each day daunting but very exciting. I think my life is pretty ‘tame.’ Certainly risking more would spice it up. This RiskADay Journal is just what I need and want.” ~~Mary Ann Taylor, Artist and Retired Banker“

"The whole concept of taking a risk a day brings about a kind of awareness that I don't think I'd have known were it not for participating as a blogger at I found out that I take a lot more risks than I thought I did, which boosted my self-esteem immensely. Best of all, it's a way of living that feeds itself – with each risk taken, I am stronger and more capable than before, and much more willing (and able) to risk again. Contemplating the risk I'll take today makes it even more interesting to get out of bed each morning!”~~Suzanne Bird-Harris, Web Developer/Online Business Coach

“Taking a conscious risk a day, no matter how small, has made me so aware of all the unconscious risks I’ve been taking all along. It’s helping me learn not to be so afraid of the "big" risks and is helping me understand that big risks are just a bunch of tiny risks, taken one at a time.” ~~Janet K. Carter, Senior Marketing Manager

“The RiskADay Journal will change your life, if you let it. I am one of the bloggers, and it has been useful for me to have a structure (and deadlines) for wrangling with my fears and potential choices, and for putting into words what I am going to do about it. Then, of course, there’s the doing it! Participating in this practice on a monthly basis has had a profound effect on me. It has been an excellent source of affirmation, and a great motivator for me to more firmly stand my ground. I can only imagine how powerful it could be to do this for myself on a daily basis. Thanks, Laura, for this great opportunity.” ~~Betsey Brogan, Licensed Massage Therapist

“Bringing light to the risks I (often unconsciously) take every day as well as intentionally focusing on taking even more risks has greatly increased my confidence and joie de vivre!” ~~Veronica Samoulides, Event Planner

“Risks can be big or small. The big risks we think of are ones like jumping out of an airplane. However, it is the small risks that we don’t think about at all (and don’t take) that can cause our lives to stagnate. Laura is a gifted coach, author, and creative goddess who, in her RiskADay Journal, skillfully walks readers through the process of taking risks. She helps you to take the risks that really change your life. If you want live your life more fully, this is a must-have!” ~~BevAnn Bonds, Small Business Owner

“The RiskADay Journal is a comprehensive guide that helps you understand why you should take risks. Moreover, it is a real how-to guide for life.” ~~Tom Vizzini, Business Support Specialist

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