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Project Discover Me
Project Discover Me

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PROJECT DISCOVER ME is a self-love game for girls ages 13 and up. It's a powerful empowerment tool created to inspire self-worth with powerful questions and conversations. The discovery is based on the below core values:

Core Values:

Project Discover Me revolves around four core values that aid teen girls in their journey to self-discovery. These include:

LOVE ME: Practicing unconditional love to feel confident in your own skin.

TRUST ME: Trust your gut and intuition.

BE ME: Choose to be your authentic self.

CELEBRATE ME: Honor who you are by celebrating the beauty you hold inside.

These values guide young girls to dive deep inside their day-to-day realities. Not only do they lead to meaningful questions, but they also encourage journaling with journaling prompts. Once a girl goes through the journey, they’ll use thought cards to document what they discovered and reflect on how they can love, trust, be and celebrate who they are.

Made up of over 200 beautiful conversation cards, Project Discover Me features a blend of affirmations, journal prompts and reflective questions that touch on topics such as self-love, body image, social media, mental health, and more. The journey allows up to 4 players.


The game features several categories, each with their own unique purpose. Here’s a brief overview of what they are.

Selfie Edition: Features questions about self worth, self love, self care, self doubt, self esteem, self harm, self reflection, and more.

Body Thoughts: Discusses body image and what girls can do to be grateful for and appreciate their bodies.

What Kind of Social Butterfly Are You: Focuses on social media and how to set online boundaries and avoid comparisons.

Rated S: Includes questions about sex and how girls feel about sex as well as who they can talk to about it, its consequences, and when it’s important to say "no".

Reflective Discovery: Assorted Journey cards that create awareness on how you see yourself and how you speak to yourself. Questions on your thoughts and feelings and encouragement on talking about both.

What makes Project Discover Me unique:

What makes Project Discover Me so special is that it requires the girls to dig deeper and connect their answers, thoughts and feeling to one of the core values; guiding them to love, trust, be and celebrate who they are.


"If you're ready to take your self love and self care practice to the next level, this card game is it! First off, the box is adorable. I LOVE the colors, so warm and vibrant. Super inviting, so my energy shifted instantly and I felt a sense of healing just opening it. It's a very pretty box.

The game was simple to learn and the instructions were very easy to follow. I really liked identifying my four core values. It gave me a nice sense of direction emotionally, which was very helpful. Being a highly sensitive soul who feels literally everything, having what feels like a map to guide me through a sea of emotions is the perfect starting point on a journey of self-discovery. I felt a sense of direction. I definitely discovered things about myself that I didn't know before. It was eye opening. A few questions brought up some sadness for me and it helped to identify what I needed in that moment to comfort myself by matching the question with a specific core value. I learned areas where I am loving, trusting, being, and celebrating myself, and also uncovered where I was not. I was able to show myself more compassion there with this game, while gaining a new level of self awareness.

Angel is amazing for creating this beautiful self empowerment tool for young girls. I'm 44 years old and just now learning these tools, so I love the idea of starting this journey early on. I can't think of a better way to get to know yourself and work through your feelings than this! It was engaging, informative, and it really made me think about myself on a much deeper level. I feel more connected and closer to myself each time I play!" - Tiffany West, Emotional Care Life Coach,

Teen Testimonial:

Name: Zimorrah
Age: 15
Grade: 11th

Question 1: Do you think this game is needed?
Answer: "Yes, because it helps girls with self-love and a lot of girls my age struggle with that."

Question 2: What was your favorite card and why?
Answer: "My favorite card is the Celebration card. It made me feel like I should celebrate myself even if nobody else does."

Question 3: What did you discover about yourself?
Answer: "I have grown more than I thought."

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