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Money Habitudes for Teens Spirit Cats Deck
Spirit Cats Deck
Price: $20.00
Money Habitudes for Teens gets high school students to talk about money in a fun, non-threatening way. The hands-on conversation starter and money personality assessment helps teens understand their own unique spending habits and attitudes that affect their financial decisions. This beautiful card deck will bring you peace, connection, and clarity.
Each card consists of a hand-painted Spirit Cat printed on one side and
a unique healing message on the other. Let them into your heart and they will bring you playful and sweet inspiration each day.
View Changer Cards Money Habitudes for Adults
View Changer Cards
Price: $29.95
Change your view with these 53 stunning photos of nature, combined with thought-provoking questions on the back of the card to inspire reflection, conversation, intentions, meditation, and relaxation. Great team-building, facilitation, meditation, and personal growth tools!   Money Habitudes cards are a great money conversation starter and money personality test. A fun, hands-on tool, the activity makes it easy for people to talk about money. People quickly come to understand how their spending habits, attitudes, and values affect their financial decisions.
Parenting - The Hero’s Adventure At my best ® Strengths Cards
A beautiful 48 card deck to explore your ever-evolving role as a parent. The archetypes and questions will inspire curiosity, envisioning, imagining, patience, and self-awareness about what’s possible in your parenting.

The At my best® strengths cards are an inspiring set of images and words that help your clients focus on what they (and others) do best. A flexible and highly engaging way to open up discussion or use as a card sort process.

The Soul Creatures’ Land Cards 100 Days of Miracles
A creative and unique therapeutic tool for emotional development and self awareness. The Quirky Imps and Magical Powers make it easy for children, adolescents and adults to understand and express themselves better and improve their self-image.

Play a game to grow your Business with fun & ease. The three sets of cards; Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies connect, align and provide specific directions on your highest and best actions for your business. The process will truly create daily miracles.

Q Basics Melt Worry & Relax Card Deck
A deck of 54 open-ended coaching questions designed as
training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in this fundamental coaching skill. The deck also works great for self-coaching! Sit down with your journal and draw questions from each suit.
Melt Worry and Relax gives you 56 of the most creative and effective strategies available to help you melt worry and breath easier - all in bite size nuggets.

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The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

Price: $24.99
ON SALE: $20.99
Savings: $4.00
The Blog Post Inspiration Deck
60 cards plus Guidebook designed to give you a fun, creative way to answer the question, “What should I write about today?”Use the cards whenever you need inspiration for your blog, email newsletter, guest posts, vlog, and social media channels.

Top Sellers

Daily Meditations for Healing & Happiness
Price: $16.99
Nine Box 2.0 Coachability Assessment 5 pack
Price: $75.00
The Handy Brain Model
Price: $24.95
Tips & Tools for Experiential Education
Price: $29.95
Chiji Processing Cards
Price: $15.95

New Arrivals

Self-Compassion for Teens
Price: $29.99
Bringing Money Into the Conversation
Price: $23.95
Word Horse Poster
Price: $9.95
Mindful Reminders Card Deck
Price: $16.99
Be Mindful Card Deck for Teens
Price: $16.99