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Appreciative Inquiry Cards Spirit Cats Deck
Spirit Cats Deck
Price: $28.00
Our Appreciative Inquiry Cards are a fantastic tool for introducing the powerful AI process to individuals, teams and organizations in the best way possible - by doing one! It includes explanations of the 5D’s, the 5 key principles of AI and 28 quote and image cards for use in the dream phase of an Appreciative Inquiry. It’s everything you will need. This beautiful card deck will bring you peace, connection, and clarity.
Each card consists of a hand-painted Spirit Cat printed on one side and
a unique healing message on the other. Let them into your heart and they will bring you playful and sweet inspiration each day.
Silly Bird Emotion Cards Money Habitudes for Adults
Emotions tell a story, express a moment and help us empathize with others. This collection of emotions expressed in the Silly Bird characters offer a light and fun way to teach about emotions, invite expression, and even encourage creative writing or story telling. Money Habitudes cards are a great money conversation starter and money personality test. A fun, hands-on tool, the activity makes it easy for people to talk about money. People quickly come to understand how their spending habits, attitudes, and values affect their financial decisions.
The Handy Brain Model Chiji Pocket Processor

The HANDY BRAIN MODEL is an amazing visual tool for coaches, therapists and teachers working in the arena of neuroscience. It offers a 3 dimensional, fun and easy way to explain how the brain functions. Instructions and information included.

Based on the Chinese concept of the yin and the yang, each card reflects the continuum between polar opposites. A Powerful teaching tool that challenges either/or solutions.
Good Question Cards We! Connect Cards & Pocket Guide Combo
Good Question Cards
Price: $25.00
48 great open-ended coaching questions to help you appreciate and build on
what’s good. Great for coaches, facilitators and discussion leaders.
The perfect combo for trainers and group facilitators. The We!Connect Cards include 60 questions, 10 actions, and 10+ activities designed to connect and engage your group. The 140-page, pocket-sized guide offers instruction and powerful activities to create more connected and more engaged teams.
Values Deck Coaching Cubes
Values Deck
Price: $24.95
Coaching Cubes
Price: $38.50
The Road to Resilience™ VALUES DECK offers you and your team creative ways to engage in conversations about values. The Two-Decks-in-One feature packs multiple usage possibilities into one set of cards. The Coaching Cubes are designed to be used and rolled as dice. It’s a fun and empowering way to introduce open-ended questions to a group. The 36 carefully worded and targeted questions are suitable for use in any coaching situation.

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Melt Worry & Relax Card Deck

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Price: $16.99
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Melt Worry & Relax Card Deck

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Melt Worry and Relax
gives you 56 of the most creative and effective strategies available to help you melt worry and breath easier - all in bite size nuggets.

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