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100 Days of Miracles Shift Deck
Shift Deck
Price: $21.95

  Play a game to grow your Business with fun & ease. The three sets of cards; Angels, Peacocks & Butterflies connect, align and provide specific directions on your highest and best actions for your business. The process will truly create daily miracles.

Shift happens with the "Shift Deck"! Thirty five instructional cards playfully move you through your mental ruts to a state of ease and possibility. Hugely entertaining.
Coaching Questions Power Pack Aura Deck
Aura Deck
ON SALE: $24.97
Savings: $5.00
This powerful combo of coaching questions will facilitate powerful results and coaching mastery. Good Question Cards & Q? Basics Open-Ended Questions For Coaching Mastery. The perfect Duo for coaches & managers.
ON SALE Ever wonder how to use your aura to attract & create more success? The Aura Deck will show you how. Based on color readings of the 7 chakras of the human aura, each card is an affirmative “energy tool” that will help clear and align your energy so you become more naturally magnetic to your soul’s true desires.
Q Basics At my best ® Strengths Cards
At my best ® Strengths Cards
ON SALE: $34.00
Savings: $5.00
A training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in the fundamental coaching skill of asking powerful open-ended questions.

ON SALE The At my best® strengths cards are an inspiring set of images and words that help your clients focus on what they (and others) do best. A flexible and highly engaging way to open up discussion or use as a card sort process.

High Vibe Card Deck InterPlay Inspiration Deck
High Vibe Card Deck
Price: $22.95
A simple yet profound tool to guide you through the inevitable sticky spots in life, enjoy life more and lift your vibes! Each High Vibe Card is meant to uplift and teaches you how to immerse yourself back into a blissful state of joy. Twenty-one cards (plus booklet) with symbols and stories to help you unlock the wisdom of your body and remind you that life doesn’t have to be so hard! Easy to Carry! Fun to Use! For professionals, the deck can open up a world of dialogue.
Values Deck Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit
Values Deck
ON SALE: $21.95
Savings: $3.00
ON SALE The Road to Resilience™ VALUES DECK offers you and your team creative ways to engage in conversations about values. The Two-Decks-in-One feature packs multiple usage possibilities into one set of cards. Craft a new course for your life! Make a pocket-sized vision board with the Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit. Your collage book will be a visual affirmation of your values, goals and dreams.

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Creative Processing Bundle

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Price: $59.99
ON SALE: $49.99
Savings: $10.00
Creative Processing Bundle
SUPER DEAL Provocative questions, images and humor are all powerful ways to shift perceptions and energy. Adding these types of approaches will make your group facilitation powerful and memorable. This 3 product bundle includes: Shift Deck, Rethink Card Deck & Climer Cards. (Purchased separately $63.89)

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Q Basics Open-Ended Questions 10 pack
Price: $229.50

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The Magic of Affirmation Power
Price: $12.95
The ACT Card Deck
Price: $16.99
Powerful Choices, Powerful Life
Price: $9.95