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Complete Training Manual: Body Mind Spirit Coaching
Body Centered Coaching

Price: $115.00


174 pages of masterful content includes foundational material and three powerful modules: Beyond Limits, Decision Making and Embodied Resources.

Field takes you step by step through nine distinct body-centered coaching techniques (three per module). Each technique is illustrated in a client story and experienced through recordings of two live coaching demos. Links to audios are included in the text.

The Fundamentals

  • The Inter-Relationship of Body Mind and Spirit
  • The Practice of Mindfulness
  • Neuroscience and Mindful Awareness
  • Reflection
  • Empowered Listening
  • ...and more

Beyond Limits

  • Moving Beyond Disempowering Beliefs: Beliefs can be empowering or disempowering. The practice of integrated body-centered coaching offers a 7 step process for transforming disempowering beliefs and old patterns of behavior into empowering beliefs and behavior.
  • Moving Beyond Fusions:Fusion refers to the way we have fused two things together in our mind. Using hand and arm movements, this technique assists the client to separate the two ideas or concepts that they have fused together thereby removing the limits on their experience.
  • Moving Beyond Fear and Anxiety: What I have noticed is that when clients are so ensconced in fear that they can’t function, the fear itself needs to be directly and immediately addressed. Often clients are in a reactive rather than a responsive state. This process will encourage the client to be more compassionate and present to their fear – and move beyond it.

Decision Making

  • Experimenting with Possibilities: This integrated body-centered technique helps clients discover information that is not readily available through the intellect. It is useful for clients as they consider various options and choices. Embracing the skill of mindfulness, a client will tap into the body’s wisdom for added insight and learning. You will learn the five step process to guide the client toward the mindful noticing of each possibility.
  • Acting as if…:It is important for your client to experience the “beingness” of an option by embodying it. Your client can ‘try on’ a number of options to access their body’s wisdom and intuition. The body has a different way of giving needed information from its own perspective. You will learn how to incorporate all of the information the client needs to make their decision and move forward.
  • Stepping Over the Line: This experience will allow clients to further study their commitment to new action: their commitment to follow through… or not. It has clients look at what they would now need to say “no” to while honoring the past and recognizing it led them to where they are now. They look at what they are now saying “yes” to: new possibilities, new encounters, new direction. As they choose to step over the line their commitment becomes strong, congruent and sustainable.

Embodied Resources

  • Remembering the Resource: This integrated body-centered technique helps clients to realign with their inner resources and accomplishments. They connect with their internal natural resources – body, mind and spirit – and remember their resilience and strength. Remembering the Resource embodies the feeling of accomplishment which can be integrated to handle the current situation.
  • Embodying Metaphor: Clients use language in the form of metaphors, word pictures and other words or phrases which are expressive. Often the language they use is representative of how their body is feeling and contains valuable information about how they experience the world. This technique can be used both as a way of being with a client going through a difficult situation or as a way to celebrate an accomplishment with them.
Embracing the Signal:Embracing the Signal is primarily an attitude of gratitude. It’s an attitude that becomes curious about the message the body is sending and being grateful for the signal to pay attention. In integrated body-centered coaching you get curious about physical sensations: anything from pleasure to pain. Everything that is happening in the body can be something for both the coach and the client to become interested in.

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