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Spirit Cards
Spirit Cards

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I AM or I WILL Spirit Cards

Remembering our true self creates peace within, and change without!

Each 32 card deck is inspired to help you be all that you truly are.

These handcrafted card decks are a delicate reminder of the powerful message of self-remembrance. As we release old patterns of thinking, and embody our true Spirit nature, we will begin to change the world within us, and the world we touch everyday.

• In today’s busy, fast-paced world, we long for simplicity and a connection with spirit. We get caught up in the everyday circumstances of life and forget the power we have within us, every moment, every day. So many things are clamoring for our attention, that often, we need a reminder to slow down, take a breath, and recall what is truly important. We need assistance to change old patterns of thinking, and get in touch with our true identity, our spirit nature, and remember the sacred of everyday.

• Spirit Cards differ from other affirmation decks because each card carries only one simple word to ponder, yet those words both challenge and have an ability to effect a great change when you consider taking on their attributes.

• Their irresistible small size makes them easy to carry with you, keep at your desk at work, on your kitchen table, or home altar.

• We use natural, recycled papers. Spirit Decks retain a humble, fragile appearance, reminding us that often it is through quietness, or difficult times which cause us to become broken, that we often find our answers or revelations. Life is fragile, as too, our emotions. We need to take care of that life, and others’ as well.

• Using the Spirit Card decks is also a tactile experience. Feeling the texture of paper brings us back to the land. They are handcrafted pieces of art and art comes from the soul. Stay in touch with your soul!

How to Use the Decks

There are many ways to use these decks. To begin, preface the word on the card with I AM or I WILL, depending on which deck you are using. The following, are suggestions to get you started:

• Choose one card and consider it’s meaning throughout the day. For example: “I AM compassion.” Allow this thought to penetrate your beliefs about yourself. You are changing the energy field within you as you make this statement about yourself. Consider what it means to BE compassion. What would you leave behind as you become compassion, what would you bring forth? What changes would you see?

• And, “I WILL nurture”. Who will you nurture today? Is it yourself, a friend, your spouse, or an attitude that you will take on? When we decide to nurture, we create an atmosphere of safety and love. What do we have to let go of in order to truly nurture ourselves and others?

• Move through an entire deck in one sitting, speaking the phrases out loud, with intention — notice how you feel when you are done.

• Mix the cards and lay them out in a 3 card spread, for daily guidance.

The possibilities are endless... The important thing is to use them everyday, and let the changes begin.


We currently have two decks: The I AM Spirit Deck, housed in a ruby-red box and branded with a circular logo; and the I WILL Spirit Deck, housed in a mellow-orange box, branded with a star logo.

Cards: 13/8" x 21/8" (32/deck)

Boxes: 15/8" x 21/4"

Accordion-style instruction booklet included inside each box.

What others are saying:

"A rare jewel in a sometimes crowded market... As a therapist, I find myself using them not only in doing my own inner work, but in assisting my clients in their own journeys... A thoughtful and delicate contribution." —Mario J. Aranda

“ I had the wonderful fortune to come across your Spirit Cards several weeks ago. I'm writing to you because they have been a tremendous source of inspiration for me... When I bought and experienced your cards, they gave me this sense of possibility and excitement.” — Stacy

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