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Mood Lady Cards
Mood Lady Cards

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The Mood Lady Cards invite you to come along on a journey of self­ discovery. The more you know and understand yourself, the more space there is in your life for joy, love, ease and fulfillment on a daily basis.

These come as a set of 40 beautiful gloss stock cards. Each card features a drawing of a Mood Lady on one side, and on the other side is a matching tool, mood or quality. One way to use the cards is to look at the unique, vibrant and original pictures daily or weekly and see which one calls you. Notice what attracts you and why. Then turn the card over and discover what concept or quality matches this picture.

Some examples of the qualities that are represented are: Celebration, Acceptance, Play and Joy. Each card includes a discussion of that particular quality. At the bottom of each card, there is a journey question, which gives a tangible prompt to spark your creativity or vision, or gives you support in a challenging time.

Each of you has your own unique journey that wants to unfold, your own unique process that asks to be honored. Why not let the Mood Lady Cards help you navigate?


"I LOVE the mood lady cards!!! I was searching for something to help me focus on what I wanted to achieve and these cards showed up at the right time. I'm actively using them and they are helping me open myself to success and productivity...and getting results! I like them so much I've gotten 4 more sets for the other amazing women in my life." ~~Kristin R., SEO Specialist, California

"I feel the Mood Ladies speak with me. They invite me into a conversation and encourage me to take action. For instance, I was very troubled about which action to take in a relationship. I drew the Inspiration card and, as I was meditating on it, I became very clear about which step to take. It was such a powerful step–leading to empowering results. The Mood Ladies have become friends I enjoy consulting regularly." ~~Becca H., Business Owner, Colorado

"Whether you are relishing the joys of life or vanquishing the inner demons, The Mood Lady Cards are a powerful companion on the journey! The cards are a navigational tool that supports growth, learning, success, and ultimately self­love. I use the cards in my work, with my clients, and with myself as a 'way into' the depths of the inner being that sometimes want to stay hidden. Radiant well­being requires transformation from the inside out. The Mood Ladies know this and they are here to help." ~~ Denise B., Business Owner, California

"In my industry, I work with clients with a variety of problems. Oftentimes I will pull out the deck of Mood Lady Cards and have them just look at the different faces as they continue to share whatever is bothering them. When they have looked through them all, I ask them to put aside the face that was most appealing to them, or that perhaps spoke to them as they perused the deck. 100% of the time the lady they choose is in direct alignment with the problem they are facing! And now, the Mood Lady becomes the insightful teacher to the self, helping them to draw their own conclusions as to what would benefit them in the highest and best way, by the insights and journey questions on the back side of the card. I find these cards to be one of my most valuable resources­­and not only when dealing with clients, as I am a frequent user as well!" ~~Melanie S., Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, California

""MY" Mood Lady cards daily and sometimes twice daily always know just what I need to hear, see, and feel. I randomly draw a card and use the awareness and questions as a journaling tool or just to shift my thinking at any given time. They support me in being aware that I'm so much more then I often "think" I am and my new perspectives are endless!" ~~Tami C., Business Owner, Washington

"The Mood Ladies are an amazing and very fun way to get in touch with emotions and explore. I keep my deck in my night stand drawer and pull one almost every day. I’m always amazed how they tend to speak directly to what I’m going through. They really are an excellent tool. As I’m writing I just pulled the “Compassion” card. Once again it supports me as I was second guessing myself earlier this morning. If you haven’t experienced the Mood Ladies I absolutely recommend inviting them into your life." ~~Mahlah K., Interior Designer, California

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