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Money Habitudes Bundle
Money Habitudes Bundle

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Money Habitudes Bundle: Money Habitudes Adult Deck, Money Habitudes for Teens Deck and Bringing Money Into The Conversation

Regardless of your professional title, if you are coaching or counseling individuals or facilitating groups as they focus on lifecycle events or issues related to career, relationships or personal challenges, exploring a client’s relationship with money can provide amazing insights.

This 3 product bundle will give you the tools you need.

Bringing Money Into the Conversation
The goal of the book is simple: To provide tools and tips to make it easy and comfortable to bring money into the conversation with your clients.

Here’s a sample of what is included:
* Twenty Conversation Starters (reproducible handouts provided)
* Tips for bringing money into the conversation for different populations by ten experts in their field including the working with the wealthy, the working poor, trauma survivors, at-risk youth and unreasonable risk-takers.
* How to simplify working with numbers

Adult Money Habitudes Card Deck

Money Habitudes cards are a great money conversation starter and money personality test. A fun, hands-on tool, the activity makes it easy for people to talk about money. People quickly come to understand how their spending habits, attitudes, and values affect their financial decisions. The engaging cards are used and trusted by many professionals, including financial educators, financial planners, therapists, marriage counselors, career coaches and marriage educators, among others.

This new and improved version is designed for adults (25 and older). Because it's written at a 5th-grade reading level, it makes reading faster for everyone and can be used with low-literacy audiences.

Used by individuals, couples, and groups, the award-winning cards can be used in a variety of ways:

* A financial ice-breaker or money conversation starter; typically 5-15 minutes
* A standalone activity of 30-90 minutes. Each person completes a simple sorting process that takes 10-15 minutes and then interprets the cards. The card sort quickly provides a powerful understanding of one’s money personality type.
* A module within a larger class or series. This may be marriage retreats, financial planning, communication skills, budgeting and financial education classes, life skills, and career training.

Money Habitudes Card Deck for Teens

Here's a way to get high school students to talk about money in a fun, non-threatening way. The hands-on conversation starter and money personality assessment help teens understand their own unique spending habits and attitudes that affect their financial decisions. Geared for teens (ages 14-18), the money personality cards are used like money management games.

Effective money management is really about making choices, balancing impulsive behavior, seeking acceptance, avoiding rejection and feeling empowered to plan for the future. The positive way the cards present these issues helps teens develop a healthy relationship with money so they are able to use their financial skills more successfully to manage money now and in the future. They can be used in conjunction with courses in financial literacy, couples/family counseling, career development and life and relationship skills.

Both Decks, Money Habitudes for Adults and Money Habitudes for Teens include:
3 blue cards: One side has Thinking Points/Discussion Ideas and the reverse has sorting cards for playing Money Habitudes solitaire.
1 green card: One side has directions to play Money Habitudes solitaire. The other side has questions for additional discussion and taking next steps.
8 yellow interpretation cards for understanding the six Habitudes and what they may mean. Each Habitude has its own interpretation card which includes a motto, a description of how others may see a person with that Habitude and typical advantages and disadvantages associated with that Habitude. On the back of each card are suggestions for next steps.
54 white statement cards - Each of the six Habitudes has nine corresponding cards. Each is coded on the back with a colorful picture to identify the Habitude with which it is associated.

For best results, use one deck of cards per person so everyone has his or her own money personality assessment results. Use two decks for a couple or 10 decks for a class of 10 people.

Designed to last, the durable, laminated cards can be used over and over.

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