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How To Market From Your Comfort Zone
How To Market From Your Comfort Zone

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How To Market From Your Comfort Zone

A collection of 10 real-life marketing stories, tips and examples from successful business owners. Each share how they discovered their comfort zone of marketing and connect who THEY are, to tangible, fun marketing steps. An easy, quick read.

You will find each story is different because WE are all different and unique, just like your fingerprint. Have you ever been challenged to step out of your comfort zone to market your business? I challenge you to stay IN your comfort zone!

What does your COMFORT ZONE, LEARNING STYLE and ENERGY have to do with Marketing? EVERYTHING!

We all have a marketer inside of us. It's a simple matter of finding out who you are first.

Learn how to achieve YOUR Successful Marketing approach by creating FUN, dynamic marketing strategies that fit YOUR Style!

Marketing can be a daunting task for some; intimidating—a “have to”—a “should” for others. Does this sound familiar? “I don’t want to feel like I’m selling.” Here’s the bottom line. If your passion is not coming through your marketing approach, it becomes the elephant in the room. Your prospective client sees your lack of confidence and off they go.

We are all individuals. We choose different business paths, wear different clothes, drive different cars, have different viewpoints—our marketing ideas should be just as unique!

"If you have ever felt hesitant or fearful about marketing your business, you'll find Marketing Ideas for Women In Business a valuable resource.

The stories and examples are just the inspiration an entrepreneur needs to discover his or her own unique way to make marketing easy and fun."

C.J. Hayden, MCC
Author, Get Clients NOW!

How To Market from your Comfort Zone will show you:

A “new” marketing approach that springs from an old passion.
Read how Arlene discovered her years of singing talent were not only a “branded” marketing approach, but also an exciting idea for an entirely new business.

How giving through service opened a successful and gratifying marketing path.
In her story, C.J. Hayden says, “I think one of the best-kept secrets to becoming successful at marketing is first choosing to be of service to a group of people you truly care about.”

How being yourself and using your gifts will knock down marketing barriers.
Ann’s business is Equine Assisted Learning. “I was trying to say the things I thought other people thought I should say, that I increase productivity, sales, focus, confidence, etc. My gift is making connections; I connect people with their souls, with what is true for them at their core. It felt easy to attract clients when…”

Inspiration and Insight to find What’s Working, What’s Not?
A little peek into my own marketing ideas. I compared what I knew of myself to the path I was on. They didn’t match up. What I enjoyed was not at all what I was doing. I had to cut loose the things that were taking my energy.

Feel the excitement and passion from each business owner’s true-life experience!
Discover how they uniquely approach their business. Learn how they found their own style and shifted their business to the next level by marketing through THEIR strengths and THEIR passions. Discover and Honor YOUR style! This is a heartwarming and supportive validation of finding what works for YOU!

"There’s a powerful message contained within the stories in this book: never sacrifice your authenticity for the sake of growing your business because THE WAY to grow your business is by giving yourself permission to BE exactly who you are. Beth Woodward has done a marvelous job pulling together examples of what it looks and feels like to market your business authentically. Allow these stories to inspire you to see new ways of marketing the business you love, in ways you may have never imagined!”
Cari Vollmer

With How To Market From Your Comfort Zone You Will Learn About…

  • A canoe-based networking event;
  • Finding your “true” inner marketing style.
  • Connecting your personality to your marketing
  • Service First, Sales Second
  • And more…

You will find new or similar marketing ideas and approaches that mirror your own and others that are very creative, validating, and supportive. Some you may have never imagined before. The most important thing to remember is that each business owner has found the style, fun, and niche that works for them—so, give yourself permission to find what works for you!

“LOVED the book- read it 3X the first week.
My comfort zone is one of service not sales. Beth's book reminded me to be true to myself; to be creative and passionate about people and food. When I view my business as a service rather than a sale it frees me to share. (How dare I keep it to myself!) My natural enthusiasm shines through and people are drawn to that. My business is my business and I am in control of the methods.

Her creative examples offered me encouragement to truly own it. Often women are what they do; it is a part of them because they pour so much of their time and energy into it. This is certainly true of me. Thinking outside of the box, dreaming big and mapping a route to get there seem more realistic when I am in love with my business. Beth encourages that by giving permission to be real. The summary tips at the end were especially helpful. (I love thoughts in a nutshell.)”
Amy Riley
Homemade Gourmet

A marketing idea book written for the business owner. To the new entrepreneurs, here’s your opportunity to find out sooner rather than later that it is OK to define your own marketing style with creative marketing ideas rather than trying to do what you think you’re supposed to do. For the seasoned entrepreneur and pro marketer, you will add more great tools and ideas to your marketing toolbox.

Don’t forget the challenge. Typically we are challenged to step out of our comfort zone. I challenge you to stay IN your comfort zone. You will be amazed at yourself and your marketing from that point on.

Beth Woodward, CPCC, CEK (Chief Executive Kid) is the author of How to Market From Your Comfort Zone and the creator of the popular My Way Marketing Plan and the Passions and Strengths Marketing Assessment.

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