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Easily Wired, Networking Combo
Easily Wired Networking Combo

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Easily Wired, Networking with No Unnatural Acts - Combo

Are you plugged in to the people in your network? Easily Wired makes sure your network is always on. This combination workbook and card deck provides a set of simple-to-follow exercises and activities that build upon each other to help you understand your authentic networking style and create a plan to expand your sphere of influence – easily.

Since “networking” can mean so many things to so many people, and can include a range of activities that are style- and comfort-dependent, we have compiled and tested a set of 50 different networking activities to help you accelerate the process of being easily wired. These activities are available in the form of an Easily Wired card deck. By sorting through these activities and selecting those that appeal to you, you can begin to assemble a balanced networking plan.

Think about this:

What’s your current need? We all either have a pressing need – need a job, a reference, a favor – or a strategic need – need to get promoted, to create a pipeline of talent, to meet people in the industry. Whatever the need, you probably find yourself looking to your network, but you might not have been communicating within your network in a while. Naturally, it would be tough to start “networking” just because you need something now. Enter Easily Wired.

Being easily wired means that you reconstitute your network long before you need to ask for something. It establishes a give-and-take relationship. You feel free to call upon people you know because they feel free to call upon you. Everybody gets their turn. The step now is to become mindful of networking so that you can keep your network active and ready.

When you complete the Easily Wired exercises, you will:

  1. Easily find solutions by being “wired” within your network and within range of your comfort zone.
  2. Easily learn how to network the way you work – no unnatural acts.
  3. Easily adopt a set of specific and actionable activities that you can undertake to get you moving toward your goals.
  4. Easily put a plan in place to do a least 3 new networking activities over the next 30 days.

When you are easily wired, you’ll find your needs are suddenly getting resolved on their own. And when you do feel that pressing need to ask for help, your network is ready and willing to do what they can. That’s because we encourage you to take a long-term view of the practice we call “networking.” While you may turn your thoughts to networking because you have an immediate problem to solve, you’ll discover that the dividends of being easily wired will pay off over time and in ways you could never have predicted. That’s Easily Wired.

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