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Q Basics Values Deck
Values Deck
Price: $24.95
A deck of 54 open-ended coaching questions designed as
training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in this fundamental coaching skill. The deck also works great for self-coaching! Sit down with your journal and draw questions from each suit.
The Road to Resilience™ VALUES DECK offers you and your team creative ways to engage in conversations about values. The Two-Decks-in-One feature packs multiple usage possibilities into one set of cards.
Shift Deck Word Horse Coaching Cards
Shift Deck
Price: $20.00
Shift happens with the "Shift Deck"! Thirty five instructional cards playfully move you through your mental ruts to a state of ease and possibility. Hugely entertaining. Embrace the wisdom of horses. These beautiful cards provide powerful coaching questions that invite gentleness, imagination and a call to practice new ways of being that engage you more in life!
Your Great Coaching Career At my best ® Strengths Cards

Learn from master coach Eric Maisel exactly how to build and maintain your coaching career. Get the clearest, most comprehensive, and most helpful advice available from a successful master coach whose worldwide reputation is second-to-none.

The At my best® strengths cards are an inspiring set of images and words that help your clients focus on what they (and others) do best. A flexible and highly engaging way to open up discussion.

Chiji Combo Pack Say It Hear It - Effective Communication Teleseminar
The Chiji Processing Cards consists of forty-eight simple graphic images that can assist participants in creating their own metaphors. The Chiji Guidebook is the official companion to the cards and describes 25 different ways Chiji Cards can be used to facilitate group
experiences. A valuable educational tool for quality group facilitation.
60 minute teleseminar completely scripted with all that you need - timeline, agenda, flow, activities and scripts. All the marketing and facilitation instruction is included. 6 activities and exercises.
Climer Cards RETHiNK Card Deck
Climer Cards
Price: $24.95
RETHiNK Card Deck
Price: $16.99
Climer Cards offer a fun way to engage with groups, students and clients. The hand drawn art images evoke reflection, insight and lively discussion. Perfect for coaches, therapists, educators and facilitators.

These conversation cards are meant to get people thinking and talking about who they are, what they like, and how they interact with the world around them. Perfect for group work.

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Team Building In-A-Box

Price: $389.00
Sale Price: $289.00
Savings: $100.00
Team Building In-A-Box

Do-it-yourself workshop kit includes a Leader’s Guide and all the materials you’ll need to guide a team through a fun and powerful activity that dramatically improves communication and strengthens relationships.

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Daily Meditations for Healing & Happiness
Price: $16.99
Chiji Processing Cards
Price: $15.95
Tips & Tools for Experiential Education
Price: $29.95
Q Basics 10 pack
Price: $189.50
We! Connect Cards
Price: $25.00

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Be Mindful Card Deck for Teens
Price: $16.99
Leader’s Edge Development Cards
Price: $19.95
Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for Children Card Dec
Price: $19.99
Managing ADHD in School
Price: $24.99
Mindful Reminders Card Deck
Price: $16.99