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My Portable Mentor HUDDLE Imaginative Ice Breakers
My Portable Mentor
Price: $197.00
Do you strive for excellence as a coach? Whether you are new to coaching, sitting for the credentialing exam soon or simply want to refine your skills, This robust audio learning program was created for you. Great learning in easy bite-size modules for the busy professional coach created by a pioneer in the industry and an ICF credentialing Assesser.

Connecting families, teams and other groups through their own sense of imagination can be powerful. HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers allow every single human being an opportunity to express themselves in safe, easy and fun ways.
Q Basics Tips & Tools
A deck of 54 open-ended coaching questions designed as a training tool for coaches and managers who want to develop mastery in this fundamental coaching skill. The deck also works great for self-coaching! Sit down with your journal and draw questions from each suit.
Learn the art of experiential education from a leader in the field. Tips and Tools explores the facilitator’s role in groups of all kinds and offers tools and activities to enhance group sessions. You will learn about setting the tone, sequencing activities, guidelines for effective facilitating, the impact of personal style and creating meaning.
Shift Deck Decision Making
Shift Deck
Price: $20.00
Decision Making
Price: $47.95
Shift happens with the "Shift Deck"! Thirty five instructional cards playfully move you through your mental ruts to a state of ease and possibility. Hugely entertaining. Clients are always making choices. Include mindfulness and the wisdom of the body to assist your clients to make more congruent and sustainable decisions. Learn three powerful body-centered techniques and listen to live coaching demonstrations of each one.
Fertile Ground Vision Cards
The deck of 52 archetypal images and the companion guidebook provide everything you need to ignite your imagination, gain greater insight and take action in ways that respect you and your unique approach to life.

The At my best® strengths cards are an inspiring set of images and words that help your clients focus on what they (and others) do best. A flexible and highly engaging way to open up discussion.

Values Clarification Cards Right Brain Business Plan
The Values Clarification Cards are a self-guided exercise that will help you identify your top five values. Included are easy to use instructions, 55 Core Value cards with definitions, and three blank cards, for additional values if you choose. Turn passionate ideas into profitable enterprises with the fun and accessible approach outlined in The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success by Jennifer Lee. This is not business as usual!


The Chiji Guidebook

Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $16.95
Savings: $3.00
The Chiji Guidebook
The Chiji Guidebook is the official companion to the popular
facilitation tool, Chiji Cards. It describes 25 different ways Chiji Cards can be used to facilitate group experiences, processing theory and rationale for when to use one processing technique over another.

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