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Energizing Groups with Hats Book

Our first and last love is…self-love. You are unique and irreplaceable, but sometimes it can be easy to forget. These self-love cards are gentle reminders that loving yourself is the way to loving others, and to having others love you.

All you need to get groups going with hats. Ice Breakers, Rut Busters, Solution Prompters, Team Builders, Content Integrators—they’re all in this book.
HUDDLE Imaginative Ice Breakers Creative Wellness MP3
Connecting families, teams and other groups through their own sense of imagination can be powerful. HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers allow every single human being an opportunity to express themselves in safe, easy and fun ways. This CD has 6 mini-retreats designed to support your holistic well-being. Perfect for professionals and a great tool to support clients wellness goals.
Right Brain Business Plan Shift Deck
Shift Deck
Price: $20.00
Turn passionate ideas into profitable enterprises with the fun and accessible approach outlined in The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success by Jennifer Lee. This is not business as usual! Shift happens with the "Shift Deck"! Thirty five instructional cards playfully move you through your mental ruts to a state of ease and possibility. Hugely entertaining.
Dream Card Game
Dream Card Game
Price: $18.00
Dreams Do Come True. Discover the magic of playing with this versatile & powerful deck.  Using this set of 56 cards, the player self selects areas/topics that reveal their passions, interests and calling. What a fun and unique way to uncover your secret inner desires. The JourneyCircles™ Kit applies visual narrative, archetype and symbol to traditional collage processes and opens the door to profound results. If you like to dive deep in your personal journey or facilitate transformation with clients, you will love this tool. The accompanying guidebook explains the JourneyCircles™ creative mapping process, its design, principles and extended application.
2015 Inspirational Planner by Points of You

The At my best® strengths cards are an inspiring set of images and words that help your clients focus on what they (and others) do best. A flexible and highly engaging way to open up discussion.

Enter the New Year with creative mojo! The 2015 Inspirational Planner by Points of You features a monthly topic plus Photo Card for expanding your point of view. Plus it guides you through various processes that focus on goal setting, priorities, monthly summaries and more.

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Career 3 pack

Price: $49.99
Sale Price: $42.00
Savings: $7.99
The Career 3 Pack includes: Career Success Discovery Cards, Beyond The Resume Strategy Cards and Acing The Interview Tip Cards. The perfect trio for career transition

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Values Deck
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Energizing Groups with Hats ebook
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One Hat Cards
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Values Clarification Cards
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Mood Lady Cards
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Conversation Sparker Cards
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Appreciation Board
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