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Team Building In-A-Box
Team Building In-A-Box

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Team Building In-A-Box

Address communication challenges and identify specific ways team members can work better together through this fun, hands-on process, based on DISC.

Team Building In-A-Box includes a Leader’s Guide and all the materials you’ll need to guide a team of 10 through a fun and powerful communications activity. (For larger teams, just get an extension pack.)

It is designed to be completed in two hours, but an experienced coach could easily turn this into a half or full day workshop by moving slower and asking thought provoking questions to lead a team into deeper conversations about how they show up and work together.

Teams struggle to work together because of different communication styles. For some, it’s a minor challenge, for other teams it can be debilitating.

Good news! Communication style differences are a problem that can be resolved through strong coaching.

The key is that teams need opportunities to talk about how they want to work together. Team members need a way to express what they want/need from the team and to learn how to better communicate with each other. This activity provides these opportunities in a fun and interesting way.

Team Building In-A-Box is based on the DISC model. There are four basic communication styles – and we each are a blend of all of them – yet we usually have one style that is dominant. Each style brings a different strength to the team:

· Dominant Directors are good at moving the team forward to goals; they are decisive and goal oriented.
· Interactive Socializers bring energy and excitement to teamwork, they are creative, and future focused.
· Supportive Empathizers bring balance and stability to the team; they make sure nothing and no one slips through the cracks.
· Cautious Thinkers are good at analyzing information and ideas; they ensure the group is making smart decisions based on research and data.

Teams need all of these styles to have balance. These different styles can clash and lead to frustration. Understanding these styles is the key to better team relationships.

You need no prior knowledge of or certification in DISC to be able to facilitate this workshop. Any coach or team leader can just follow the Leader’s Guide and take their team through this workshop.

How Teams Will Benefit:

· Gain an understanding how each team members prefers to be communicated with.
· Learn what behaviors frustrate other team members so they can be avoided.
· Understand how team members behave differently when they are stressed and what they want you to do to support them.
· Develop an appreciation for the value each team member brings to the team.
· Make concrete plans & commitments for how to improve team communication.

Testimonials from team leaders who LOVED this self-guided workshop:

"I did this activity with my team as preparation for a difficult conversation about how we can address system bias in our roles. They were skeptical at first but quickly got very into it and enjoyed the process very much. Afterward, we were able to have a very rich and productive conversation about how we can use the particular strengths of our communication styles, how our styles change under pressure, and how to adapt our styles when communicating across difference."
Brittany Walker Pettigrew, Program Manager, Alameda County Department of children and Family Services

"Team Building In-A-Box is a great product that exceeded expectations. The structured activities spurred deep conversations amongst our executive leadership team, resulting in fresh perspectives about how we can perform even more effectively as individuals and a team."
Meca Mohammed, VP of Operations & Talent GLISI

What is included?

1. Leader’s Guide

2. 10 sets of handouts

3. Communication Styles deck of cards

4. 18X24 poster

5. 10 Meeples (wooden game pieces)

6. Dot stickers

7. Double-sided stickers

8. Permanent Pen

Want to use with multiple groups?

The Kit comes with ordering information for refills!

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