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Rise and Shine Anytime
Rise and Shine Anytime

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Rise and Shine Anytime

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you had a way to break out of your regular thought patterns to harness more creativity, productivity and focus on what matters most? Now you can!

Are you ready to:

  • Listen to yourself and find your own answers?
  • Break out of your mundane, repetitive thought patterns into creativity and vitality?
  • Open up to the world of possibility? · Focus on what is going right and make that happen more?
  • Organize the inner chaos and step into the bigger picture?

“This is like a tapas experience of hundreds of powerful and provocative coaching moments. Rise and Shine Anytime is not so much a book you read as a resource you can dip into whenever you might be feeling stuck.”~ Michael Bungay Stanier, 2006 Canadian Coach of the Year

As an entrepreneur, parent, cancer survivor, artist, friend and life coach, I understand the importance of taking steps to stay on top of my physical health and mental attitude. That is why I so strongly believe in taking the time to be proactive and not reactive- because I know and experience the powerful benefits on a daily basis. And as I share this book with others, I see the benefits as they wake up in their lives too.

The Story Behind The Book:

“Rise and Shine Anytime” was created at a tough time in my life. With so much happening at once, I found it hard to actually engage in my life and move forward. Sound familiar?

I craved a way to step out of the chaos and into calm and found myself saying, “I need to step into grace”. Then somehow, it happened. I saw five words within GRACE that encouraged me to ask the questions within those words... and amazing things began to unfold. Though my life and work situations weighed heavily upon me, these questions allowed me to move through them and to invite and create opportunities for what I desired to show up. Since then, this simple process has been my companion through good times and bad.

I knew I had something when my husband came home from work and said, “Let’s do grace together”. Every night, for an entire summer, we walked around the block after work and asked and answered these powerful questions to each other. We experienced the profound effect of this process as our perspectives shifted to include expansiveness and possibilities instead of fear and constriction. These questions opened the doors to discover beyond what we already knew.

“”Rise and Shine Anytime" is amazing! I use it to navigate through rough patches as it brings a freshness and energy to places that challenge me and would have previously stopped me. Now I can go forward as amazing results are revealed to me, both at work and in my home, when I embrace the wisdom that is available in this little book.” ~Dawn Williams, Small Business Owner and Parent

If you have ever struggled to find the calm within your chaotic life and work challenges, there is a way to do this…

We are all working harder and the demands just keep increasing on us at work and home. That can be a deadly combination to our bodies and spirits. Our kids are experiencing this pressure too.

The good news is that there are ways to fight back against daily life challenges that overwhelm us and knock us off balance. There are proven ways to step into your life with reclaimed enthusiasm as you rise and shine.

“I love this book. "Rise and Shine Anytime" gets me to see other possibilities and try things I would not have thought of previously. I can focus my energy and be more productive during stressful times at work. I keep a copy in my desk.~ Erin Maness, Hospitality Industry

If a short pause in your busy day would help you to be more energetic, curious and happy, would you do it?

I have shared this book and process with thousands of others who are incorporating this wisdom into their lives- cancer survivors, entrepreneurs, people in recovery, parents, caretakers, teens, therapists, executives, teachers, doctors, coaches and ministers...

Questions and reminders are hanging on refrigerators, bulletin boards, computer screens, and cubicle walls. They act as prompts to ask the simple questions that lead to amazing results.

“I really like this book. It is very thought provoking. I find it helpful in my family especially with my parenting skills. I highly recommend this book.~ Thomas Johnston, MD

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with a manual, GPS and a map??

In our fast-paced lives, it is essential to access our inner wisdom and to make choices that focus on and nurture what matters most. This book and the questions are a simple way to open our minds and our hearts to what is possible within each moment. These simple steps provide a doorway to insight and a step beyond what we already know.

“This book is wonderful and inspiring. It is so easy to use and yet so complex. By using this process I have been able to step back from what is going wrong in my life and focus on what is going right. It allows me to get some distance from rough situations, to see them from different perspectives, and choose how I would like to respond. Everyone, in all situations of life, could benefit from using "Rise and Shine Anytime". “~Debbie Clapp, Life Coach and Educator, Mindful Abundance

Funny thing about life... it keeps going whether you are ready or not. You will now be able to find your energy and vitality buried among your life challenges. This book is like having a secret recipe in your pocket that can be pulled out when you wish to tap into life more fully and access the unlimited possibilities available to you...

How long are you going to keep your life waiting?
It is time to Wake Up Your Life Now!

“Everyday you choose to center yourself in sanity or insanity. The difference is a little grace.” ~ Anne Jolles

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