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Personal Leadership Coaching System
Personal Leadership Coaching System

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Personal Leadership Coaching System

These beautiful cards are an early introduction to the Equine Alchemy’s Virtual Coaching Program

These cards are a fun way to help you understand your personal leadership style! Find out more about yourself, how to be a better person and create a better, more fulfilling life today!

Using the cards

Each of us is at a different stage of our Personal Leadership. These cards are created to support and give insight to you at every stage of developing your life to the next level. Below are some guidelines on how to get the most value from your Personal Leadership cards.

The Profiles—The four profiles are based upon 20+ years of coaching and consulting with women, men, business owners and executives as well as individuals looking for support in their life and business. The beginning step of getting the most value from these cards is to take the Personal Leadership Assessment and find out your Personal Leadership Style. This information is the basis for powerful coaching and transformation.

Shadow WisdomEquine Alchemy’s and MetaSystem Consulting Group’s Personal Leadership Assessment and set of cards differs from any other set of Leadership materials in two ways: First, it focuses explicitly on Personal Leadership; they do not separate life and business leadership. Most all of leadership coaching becomes life coaching at some point and life coaching is very much about how to create the business you have always wanted!

Second, a very big part of the interpretation is based upon emotional intelligence which comes from all of the coaching work I do with horses. Our shadow side—those unrecognized and un-accepted aspects of ourselves hold important wisdom. Wisdom that when acknowledged, often leads to self love and fulfillment. Both of these differences are powerful in creating the lives and businesses we have always wanted.

Congruence for your profile—Horses, the consummate teachers in human development, are ‘authenticity barometers’. Through them we can see if our internal feelings match our external behaviors. Motivated by flight or fight for survival, their highly developed sensory systems can detect even slight levels of incongruence, find it threatening and become highly agitated. What is actually happening when they react? Our heart’s electro magnetic field is 5000 times greater than that of our brains; which means that we are ‘out there’ interacting with our environment before we can cognitively become conscious of it! It is this extension of us, our electro magnetic field that the horses respond to. Humans respond to it as well, but on an unconscious level. Becoming aware of and congruent with your feelings, or your emotional intelligence, and how you are unconsciously interacting with your environment will enable you to stop creating some of what you don’t want and start attracting what you do!

Coaching your leadership style in action
—The cards provide specific behaviors that you can do more or less of to help you move forward in your personal leadership. It is one thing to just see what profile you are, and another to read about how to enrich or change this profile. However, getting into action is the only way to create real change in your life.

The Journal—The suggested behaviors for growth and value in the cards are simple, easy to reach and do. They are a way for you to each day ask your self, “What is the smallest thing I can do to invite real change today?” You can record your insights, challenges and progress. You can create your own Personal Leadership Strategy to follow. You will receive information with your package on how to access an online assessment and a free consultation.

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