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Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen
Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen

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Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen

Do you feel the job of parenting your teen is not the job you signed up for?

Then you are in the right place.

“Keeping Your Sanity… is a very informative book. I was impressed by the feelings and ideas Anne captured through her poetry. The questions raised and the exercises recommended are very informative and thought provoking. Her emphasis on a strength-based approach resonates with my own philosophy. I believe people will find Keeping Your Sanity… a very helpful resource.”
Dr. Robert Brooks, Parenting Expert and Co-Author of Raising Resilient Children

Learn the 10 Sanity Rules for Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen. Use the Drive Through ‘menu’ where you select a rule that you wish to work on and the menu will direct you to tools, tips and strategies to deliver what you need in that moment.

Grab and go with just what you need to begin using immediately in your busy and challenging job as a parent of a teen. Rules and Tools are full of condensed wisdom that comes in manageable bite-sized pieces that are immediately digestible.

• Get new insight and perspectives on the incredibly challenging job that you have of parenting a teen.
Step into the perspective of humor as we navigate the developmental stage of the teen and the developmental stage of the parent. We are growing up, too.

• Increase, notice and create opportunities for joy to enter both your life and your family’s life. Hear a voice that says, “You are not alone.”

• Learn short cuts back to sanity. Teach yourself to step into a bigger picture knowing certain things are predictable though not always pretty, easy or fun.

• Gain tools to figure it out. There is not only one right way to ‘love and let go’ of your teen. Hear it from a parent’s voice with no preaching or finger pointing – only compassion… This is written from one heart to another.

• Take away tools to elevate your perspective.

“This book is fabulous. It is a nice blend of humor, realism, strategies and concepts. Keeping Your Sanity…will be a help to parents and professionals alike.”
Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao, CEO and Founder of Center for Family Connections and Author of The Family Of Adoption

This book is a ‘hitch up with hope’ for parents of teens challenged by the letting go process. Really, do you know any who aren’t?

Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen provides inspiration from someone who has been there --- and is still there.

“This is not a self-help book that makes you feel guilty, that you are doing it all wrong or that you are not doing enough. It emphasized to me that I do not have to be a prisoner of my current mood or mindset. This book reminded me that I can influence and choose my attitude. It is a quick read, easy to use and has no judgments. I loved it!”
Cindy, mother of four

How many parenting books have you started and not finished? Drive Through Life Tools are simple and easy to use. This book is meant to be picked up right when you need it and provide you small, digestible pieces of new perspectives. You can step into that new perspective while you are ‘doing’ your life.

Keeping Your Sanity While Loving and Letting Go of Your Teen is stocked with poems, stories, jokes, original illustrations and cartoons, inspirational quotes and powerful questions.

This book is a wake up to the reality of parenting a teen today. It is humorous, creative and designed to stimulate feelings, thoughts and discussion about some hard stuff. It is not a “how to” book but is designed to help you to find your answers for your family.

“This is a heartfelt statement of a mother’s experience raising teens and the wisdom she gained. Anne has pulled together a lot of ideas, sources and tools that can be helpful in bringing perspective to a worried parent.”
Lon Woodbury, IECA Certified Educational Consultant and co-author of The Woodbury Report at

This book includes:
• A Parenting Survival Tool Kit
• Strategies for getting clarity amidst the chaos and confusion
• Validation of how big a job you have raising teens today
• A sharing of inspiration and optimism in hopes of increasing your resiliency as a parent of a teen
• Tools for regaining your footing after set backs
• Strategies to cut through the brain clutter and help you bounce with adversity instead of crash.

Here’s a little secret, keeping your sanity all the time just isn’t possible. It is really about learning new ways to get back to your center, to your strength and guiding principles.

You will get both a hug and a kick in the butt from this book.

It is hard to be a parent and not a best friend!

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