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Becoming a Creativity Coach
Becoming a Creativity Coach

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Becoming a Creativity Coach: The Art and Practice of a New Profession
By Eric Maisel

This valuable downloadable book resource by renowned creativity coach and prolific author Eric Maisel is available only here and at a few selected websites. You can't find this book or the information it contains in any bookstore!

Now, for the first time, you can learn about the art and practice of creativity coaching. Look at what you get in Becoming a Creativity Coach:


1.Starting Out

1. What is Creativity?
2. What is Creativity Coaching?
3. Who Becomes a Creativity Coach?
4. Necessary and Required Training
5. Becoming an Entrepreneur

2.Being a Creativity Coach

6. Standing Ready to Creativity Coach
7. Offering Support
8. Joining With Clients
9. Setting and Operationalizing Goals
10. Making Plans and Offering Invitations

3.The Art of Questioning

11. Asking Questions
12. Asking Follow-Up Questions
13. Interrupting
14. The Five Goals of a Creativity Coach
15. Following and Leading

4.Working with Clients

16. Identifying Meaningful Creative Projects
17. Reality-Testing While Upholding Dreams
18. Considering Personality
19. Communicating Skillfully
20. Using Cognitive Tools

5.Client Issues

21. Creative Blocks I
22. Creative Blocks II
23. Doubts, Fears, and Messages from the Past
24. Creating in the Middle of Things
25. Career Issues

6.Coach Issues

26. Viewing Clients' Creative Work
27. Revealing Yourself to Clients
28. When Clients Disappear
29. When You Don't Know What to Do
30. Self-Coaching Issues

7.How Coaches Work

31. In-Person Coaching
32. Phone Coaching
33. E-Mail Coaching
34. Group Coaching
35. Inventing New Territories

8.Personality Trait Work

36. Introducing Personality Trait Work
37. Confidence and Assertiveness
38. Discipline
39. Concentration and Thoughtfulness
40. Resiliency and Persistence

9.Building A Creativity Coaching Practice

41. Identifying Specialties
42. Developing Your Personal Style
43. Reaching Clients
44. Building Your Website
45. Building Your Coaching Practice

10.Maintaining a Creativity Coaching Practice

46. Offering Classes, Workshops and Retreats
47. Presenting Lectures
48. Writing About Creativity
49. Maintaining Your Coaching Practice
50. Maintaining Your Creative Life


About Eric Maisel Eric is a San Francisco-based creativity coach and trainer of creativity coaches. He is also a California licensed marriage and family therapist and a national certified counselor. Eric has been working with creative and performing artists for more than twenty years and has been writing for thirty-five years. His more than thirty books include; Coaching the Artist Within, Fearless Creating, A Writer's Paris, The Van Gogh Blues, The Creativity Book, Performance Anxiety, and The Ten-Second Pause.

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