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A SenseAble Friend Card Deck plus eManual
A SenseAble Friend Card Deck plus eManual

Price: $179.00

A SenseAble Friend Card Deck plus eManual. Assume this tool is like most other sets of cards? Then prepare yourself for some
real surprises.

A catalyst for personal and group development this product delivers….. and fast.
Structured in a way that engages the key aspects of what causes us to act and
react, it gets to the very heart of matters easily and in an enjoyable manner.

This is a fabulously effective resource for business and personal development.
It has three principle functions:

1. Problem solving, clarifying thinking and reducing indecision / stress
2. Stimulating creative and innovating thinking
3. Exploration in uncovering hidden issues, or opportunities

Very successful business uses include:

• Strategic thinking or planning
• Talent management and Team building
• Relationship management
• Marketing
• Project management
• Problem solving
• Enhancing communication
• Maximizing meeting effectiveness

Personal & Coaching use:

As a coaching tool it is ideal for self-coaching, 1 to 1 and group coaching and on a
personal level it can eliminate stress and highlight critical matters of importance
essential to your success and happiness.

The process this tool stimulates is really where the true power lies - which is in
the dynamic and natural relationship between logic, emotion and intuition - an
intrinsic relationship few of us actively and knowingly engage. A SenseAble Friend
encourages individuals and groups to begin to experience this relationship for
themselves and, as a result, become much clearer about what really matters.

What people have said:

Jeni Purdie, Author of Life Coaching for Dummies
"The best tools for change are simple, elegant and subtle and those three words
aptly sum up these cards. The results have been astonishing, helping to shift
thinking in profound ways. Words can't describe how effective this tool really is.
You simply have to try it for yourself to understand, feel and know its power"

JoAnn Dunn, specialist in Leadership Development, Plans & Policies, New Jersey
“I keep the set on my desk and when I need to kick start my brain or I am a bit off
kilter, I open the box and take out a card. I find that focusing on just one of the
cards is good enough to get on track again”

Ian Fleming, Coach and Management Development Consultant
"This product has the power to enable you to break free from the constraints
of linear, logical thought. I was deeply impressed with the way it enabled me to
explore complex problems and feelings in considerable depth"

Councillor Genevieve M Hibbs BS MPH PhD FCybS ...London Borough of Hounslow
"It enabled me to work-out an issue in a few minutes.

Lisa Read, Life Coach
"This tool raised a number of issues for me and allowed me to connect with myself
at a very deep level"

It’s a marketing aid

A Senseable Friend is also a fantastic marketing tool that coaches can use to enable
a prospective client to experience one aspect from their coaching repertoire, AND,
at the same time, gain a positive outcome; simply because it is possible with this
tool to achieve both within an extremely short period of time.

It’s a profoundly effective resource

A 50 page facilitator manual is available for coaches, trainers, or managers and
explains how this tool is used as an immensely effective resource. The manual
includes structured forms that provide an exceptionally impactful coaching model
that has been designed on the basis of the Universal Laws effecting deliberate

You will be able to readily print off any sections of the manual for your use,
whether this is the different role instructions or the forms, and do so as often and
in whatever quantities you require.

The User Manual will be sent to following confirmation of your order.
You will require acrobat reader to view it which can be downloaded at

The card deck ships from a Coaching Toys Associate (United Kingdom)
Shipping on this product is $7.00
Minnesota residents will be charged sales tax
For quantity orders call Coaching Toys at 612-822-8720

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