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The Miracle Keys
The Miracle Keys: A Conversation with an Angel (print edition)
Price: $13.99

Part conversation with an angel, part authentic conversation with the author's heart, this is a book about miracles & happiness & opening to the treasures we each hold inside.
FAME Cards
FAME Cards
Price: $14.95

Make the 4 keys to creativity work for you: Focus, Awareness, Momentum, Expression. 40 one-liner prompts to jump start expression, multiply images, and awaken the senses.
Spirit Cards
Price: $15.00

I AM or I WILL Spirit Cards are delicate reminders of the powerful message of self-remembrance. Release old patterns of thinking, remember our true Spirit nature and the sacred in every day.
Manifest Your Creative Dreams ePlaybook
Manifest Your Creative Dreams ePlaybook
Price: $15.00

This downloadable playbook is for anyone who longs to live a more creative life. Filled with powerful questions and meaningful, fun tasks to speed you on the way to manifesting your creative dreams. It's like having your very own creativity coach!
Grace Trail, Find Your Footing and Move Toward The Life You Were Meant To Live
Grace Trail
Price: $15.99

No matter who you are, no matter what you've been through, Grace Trail® will connect where you are now with where you want to go.
It introduces you to a healing walking practice. Just show up and ask the questions shared in this book. You will find that you are walking off your worries and accessing hope.
Plan Your Fun
Plan Your Fun
Price: $19.95

A Plan Your Fun! Guidebook, pen, notes and Fun! Week Planner to start creating a life brimming with fun, joy, energy and connection.  The guidebook exercises support you in planning for more fun every week!
Paths to Guidance
Paths to Guidance
Price: $19.95

Align your way to Love, Prosperity & Joy! This deck of 60 unique cards was created to enhance awareness and alignment with your inner wisdom. Visually beautiful and elegantly written—a pleasure to use!
Create Your Writers Life
Create Your Writer's Life
Price: $19.95

Create Your Writer's Life offers a coaching approach to designing a writing practice that actually works. Finally - a resource that allows you to do it your way, and that works!
The Mindful Doodle Book
The Mindful Doodle Book: 75 Exercises To Help You Live In The Moment
Price: $19.99

The Mindful Doodle Book brings mindfulness practices and intuitive expression  together to help you relax, find focus, and creatively express emotions. It has all the ingredients of a powerful and supportive practice.  Grab a
pen or pencil and explore the 75 doodle exercises that draw on emotions,
thoughts, hopes and sensory awareness.
As I Love Myself More Affirmations
As I Love Myself More Affirmation Card Deck
Price: $20.95

Our first and last love is…self-love. You are unique and irreplaceable, but sometimes it can be easy to forget. These self-love cards are gentle reminders that loving yourself is the way to loving others, and to having others love you.