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Affiliate Program
Earn passive income by telling people about us�

Our unique affiliate program makes it really easy for you to earn revenue simply by telling your friends, clients and colleagues about a product in our store. Every purchase originating from your track-able link earns you a commission.

We want you to be successful. We have designed several great banner ads that you can place on your website or blog. The banners will point people to the Coaching Toys Store home page. If a visitor to your website clicks on your link and then purchases one or more products from the Coaching Toys Store - you earn a commission on ALL of it.

We will also show you how to create a unique affiliate link for a specific product or product category. This way you can promote products that fit your client base. We Relate for example is perfect for couples, Q? Basics, Open-Ended Questions for Coaching Mastery is ideal for new coaches and managers and there are lots of products that will inspire, facilitate personal exploration, spark creativity and more. All you need to do is post your unique link on your website, include in a blog post or mention it in a newsletter. The more you promote your link(s), the more you earn.

Our affiliate commission is 8%

Once you are signed up as an affiliate, all you will need to do is sign into: My Account and select Visit My Affiliate Page. You will have access to the banner ads, your generic affiliate link and reports on click-throughs and sales. We will also tell you how to create customized links for specific products or product categories. As an affiliate you will receive the Coaching Toys Affiliate Update newsletter when we have relevant news for you.

You really are our partners and if you succeed, we all succeed!

Join us today!